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  1. CITY Bicycle Stand

    CITY Bicycle Stand
    Well-designed, sturdy bicycle stand
    CITY Bicycle Stand
    £131.80 £109.83
  2. Cyclo Endo Storage

    Attractive, bike storage for home, office or retail display.

    Ideal for high density installations with little space.

    £53.94 £44.95
  3. Cyclo Solo Storage

    Elegant and effortless cycle storage for home, office or retail display.

    £77.94 £64.95
  4. Cyclo Hero Storage

    Smart, simple cycle storage for all bike styles

    £53.94 £44.95
  5. Removable Hoop Barrier Powder Coated

    Removable Hoop Barrier Powder Coated

    £354.00 £295.00
  6. Removable Hoop Barrier Galvanised

    Removable Hoop Barrier Galvanised

    Removable Hoop Barrier
    £336.00 £280.00
  7. Parking Security Rail

    Motorcycle Parking Security Rail

    This compact rail is perfect for securing any two-wheeled vehicle. Two different lengths are available for a perfect fit within any shelter.

    Parking Security Rail
    £72.00 £60.00
  8. Sheffield Toast Cycle Racks Stainless Steel

    Utilising the Sheffield Cycle Stand, this one of our most popular cycle racks.

    As low as £306.00 £255.00
  9. Trolley Hoops

    Trolley Hoops

    Trolley Hoops
    £82.80 £69.00
  10. Sheffield Cycle Stands Galvanised

    Sheffield Cycle Stands Galvanised
    £34.79 £28.99
  11. Sheffield Cycle Stand Stainless Steel

    Sheffield Cycle Stand Stainless Steel
    £52.80 £44.00
  12. Fin Cycle Stand

    Fin Cycle Stand
    £96.00 £80.00
  13. London Cycle Stand

    London Cycle Stand
    As low as £102.00 £85.00
  14. Sheffield Toast Cycle Racks Galvanised

    New Sheffield Toast Cycle Racks Galvanised
    Sheffield Toast Cycle Racks
    As low as £140.40 £117.00
  15. O Ring Cycle Stand

    O Ring Cycle Stand
    £144.00 £120.00
  16. City O'Ring Cycle Stand

    The O'Ring Cycle Stand is designed to blend in with its surroundings, yet provides a functional method of securing bicycles. Available in two finishes and can be sub-surface fixed or surface fixed.

    £167.64 £139.70
  17. Velto Cycle Stands

    The VELTO Cycle stand is of a contemporary design which will complement its surrounding environment, yet at the same time provides a functional method of bicycle parking and securing. The VELTO is available in two finishes and can be surface fixed or sub-surface fixed. 

    £202.56 £168.80
  18. Wall Cycle Racks

    New Wall Cycle Racks

    To use, you simply lift the front of the bike and place it's front wheel in the dock. For extra security, users can lock their bike in place with a secure D-lock and for transported bikes 2 Wall Docks can be used for stability. Locking bar is also available at the bottom if you would like another locking point.

    £33.60 £28.00
  19. Wall Mounted Cycle Rack

    Wall Mounted Cycle Rack for individual cycle parking.

    For domestic, company bicycle parks, public spaces, public & commercial buildings, schools etc.


    £20.29 £16.91
  20. Lo-Hoop Cycle Rack

    Lo-Hoop Cycle Rack for 2 to 6 bicycles provides easy and simple bicycle parking.


    £63.17 £52.64
  21. Scooter Rack For Schools

    These stylish scooter racks are designed to securely park push scooters, they are ideal for schools and playgrounds. Choose from single sided racks, which take 10 scooters or double-sided which take 20 scooters, all racks are powder coated for durability and are fixed with floor bolts for fixing into concrete.

    As low as £180.00 £150.00
  22. Scooter parking stand for 5 scooters

    Elegant yet sturdy parking stand for 5 scooters, made from bent flat steel. For parking at both sides Unobtrusive, elegant design. Enhances the streetscape. 

    £173.68 £144.73
  23. Scooter parking stand for 2 scooters

    Elegant yet strong and practical scooter parking stand for 2 scooters, manufactured in high grade steel. Ideal for parking places in front of public buildings, institutions and companies

    £219.00 £182.50
  24. Semi Vertical Cycle rack

    The UK manufactured Semi Vertical Cycle Stand has been designed for space saving. These Cycle Stands are very popular in areas where space is at a premium such as Train Stations, Shopping Centres, Car Parks, Offices and Apartments. 


    As low as £66.73 £55.61
  25. Two Tier Bike Rack

    Our UK manufactured Two Tier Bike Rack can accommodate all types of bicycles, such as mountain bikes and road bikes, which can be chained or D-locked on to the Value Two Tier Bike Rack for added security.



    As low as £106.80 £89.00
  26. Two Tier Bike Rack - With Gas Strut

    Our Uk manufactuered Two Tier Bike Rack is a pioneering and user friendly cycle parking system, with excellent space saving bike storage, superb usability and high value; allowing you to house twice as many bikes in the same area and space as any standard bike rack.


    £144.00 £120.00
  27. Tall Cycle Locker

    Tall Cycle Locker
    £840.00 £700.00
  28. Twin Cycle Locker

    Twin Cycle Locker
    £612.00 £510.00
  29. Bike Storage x4

    Access bike storage shed

    Bike Storage x4
    £750.00 £625.00
  30. Hoop Traffic Bollard

    Hoop traffic sign bollard with is the ideal solution for locations which clearly need to inform the public of a specific highway instruction

    £72.00 £60.00
  31. Hi-Hoop Cycle Rack

    Hi-Hoop Cycle Rack for 2 to 6 bicycles provides easy and simple bicycle parking.



    Hi-Hoop Cycle Rack
    £92.64 £77.20
  32. Compact Cycle Rack

    Compact Cycle Rack for 3, 4 or 5 bicycles provides an economical medium duty bicycle rack.


    £63.24 £52.70
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Here at Speedy Street Solutions, we have a fantastic range of bike storage stands and shelters to suit a variety of urban, commercial and private settings. The collection includes space saving vertical bike stands and two-tier road bike stands, secure metal bike stands in a range of styles to suit the aesthetics of any space as well as scooter stands and secure covered bike storage. Shop the range online today!


Space Saving Horizontal & Vertical Bike Stands


Horizontal and vertical bike stands are an effective solution for reducing congestion in built-up areas, encouraging visitors to travel by bike by providing them with secure bike storage stands to attach them to while visiting offices, shops and green spaces. At Speedy Street Solutions, we have designed and manufactured a fantastic variety of road bike stands and storage solutions to work in a range of public and private settings, allowing you to take action towards cleaner air and enhanced safety wherever required.

Our comprehensive offering of road bike stands means that we have the perfect solution for your needs. Our wall-mounted bike storage stands are a great space saving option for indoor and outdoor bike storage in homes and office spaces, and can be installed in a straight or staggered row along any sturdy wall. Our two-tier and semi vertical bike stands offer secure storage for up to 20 bikes, making them ideal for busy areas such as train stations and office blocks.

To protect precious bikes from the elements while storing them at home or in an office space, we have a choice of two secure bike storage lockers; one a space-saving tall locker for vertical bike standing storage and the other a horizontal locker which can fit up to two bikes. These discreet bike storage stands are the ideal solution for storing expensive bikes as they are hidden from sight and securely locked away. These lockers also provide storage for bicycle repair kits and safety gear alongside your bike, making them a highly convenient alternative to traditional road bike stands.


Cost-Effective Public Road Bike Stands


For urban environments, we have a range of stylish and durable public road bike stands including the Fin, Sheffield, London and O Ring designs. Available in a choice of shapes and finishes, these bike storage stands allow you to choose a style that fits in with the aesthetics of the surrounding areas. Our horizontal and vertical bike stands can also be used in conjunction with our cycle shelters for added protection against the elements.

Our horizontal and vertical bike stands are all made from high quality materials in order to withstand a range of weather conditions with minimal maintenance required. These road bike stands are versatile and able to be used with the majority of bike styles available on the market, making them an effective choice for public and commercial spaces. And with prices starting from just £27.80, they’re an extremely affordable option too.


Buy High Quality Bike Storage Stands Online Today


Here at Speedy Street Solutions, customer service is our number one priority. We design, manufacture and install bike storage stands to the highest standards so you can be assured of the highest satisfaction with your purchase. Whether you’re looking for space saving vertical bike stands, secure bike storage lockers or large-scale road bike stands, we’ll make sure you get the best product possible within your budget.

If you have any questions about our bike storage stands or any of our other street furniture product ranges, including everything from bollards to bus shelters, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to help in any way we can.

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