16-Space Bicycle Rack

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Technical features

  1. Models: 16 spaces.

  2. Structure:

    • Material: Steel.
    • Frame Dimensions: 30 x 30 mm.
    • Diameter of Tubes: ø 38 mm.
  3. Length: 2604 mm.

  4. Finish:

    • Material: Galvanised steel.
    • Side Panels: Lacquered in grey.
    • Design: Includes a bike parking motif on the side panels.
  5. Installation:

    • Mounting: On base plates.
    • Base Plate Holes: ø 13 mm.
    • Bolts: Bolts for base plates not included.

This description outlines the basic technical specifications for the 16-space bicycle rack. It's made of durable galvanized steel with a frame structure using 30 x 30 mm tubing and ø 38 mm diameter tubes. The overall length of the rack is 2604 mm. The finish includes galvanization for corrosion resistance, and the side panels are lacquered in grey with a bike parking motif for visual appeal.

During installation, the rack is designed to be mounted on base plates, and the base plates should have ø 13 mm holes. It's important to note that bolts for the base plates are not included, so they would need to be sourced separately for installation.

This type of bicycle rack is suitable for outdoor use, given its galvanized steel construction, which provides protection against the elements. The grey lacquered finish and bike parking motif contribute to its aesthetic appeal in public spaces.

A 16-space bicycle rack is a bike storage solution designed to accommodate up to 16 bicycles. These racks are commonly used in various settings such as schools, workplaces, transit stations, parks, and other public areas where multiple cyclists need a secure and organized place to park their bikes. The purpose of such racks is to promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation while also providing a means for cyclists to secure their bikes conveniently.

Key features of a 16-space bicycle rack may include:

  1. Capacity: The rack is specifically designed to hold up to 16 bicycles, with designated slots or spaces for each bike.

  2. Material: Bicycle racks are often made from durable materials such as steel or aluminum to withstand weather conditions and prevent theft or vandalism.

  3. Spacing: The individual spaces on the rack are typically arranged in a way that allows for easy access and removal of bicycles without causing damage to neighboring bikes.

  4. Security: Some racks come with built-in locking mechanisms or can be used in conjunction with bike locks to enhance security.

  5. Installation: Bicycle racks may be designed for permanent installation, bolting to the ground, or they can be portable for temporary use.

  6. Space Efficiency: The design of the rack aims to maximize the number of bikes that can be stored within a given space while still allowing for easy access and use.

  7. Accessibility: The rack should be easily accessible and user-friendly for cyclists of all ages and abilities.

  8. Compliance: In some cases, there might be local regulations or standards that dictate the design and installation requirements for bicycle racks in public spaces.

When considering a 16-space bicycle rack, it's important to choose one that suits the specific needs of the location and the expected number of cyclists. Proper installation and maintenance also contribute to the effectiveness and longevity of the bicycle rack.


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16-Space Bicycle Rack