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At Speedy Street Solutions, we have a range of timber bollards that are perfect for increasing security. These sturdy, durable and extremely strong timber bollards can provide additional safety for you and your property. Not only are they a way to define boundaries and protect buildings, but can even be used as part of road safety. Installing timber bollards correctly can increase both traffic and pedestrian safety, without impacting the visual appearance of a property.

How Are Timber Bollards Beneficial?

Timber bollards are an ideal for using as a security device; suitable for both intentional and accidental damage from vehicles. If you have a building or infrastructure that is at risk from the impact of a vehicle, then it’s highly recommended that you install timber bollards. Establishments including banks, government offices, museums, military buildings, corner buildings and schools should all consider installing timber bollards. Due to their design, they can fit well with the aesthetic of the exterior of these buildings, so they don’t look bulky.

Timber bollards can also be utilised to prevent vehicles from mounting the curb. This regularly occurs when there is a short supply of parking, which can restrict pavement access for pedestrians, as well as cause danger to other vehicles driving on the road. In addition to this, it can cause accidental damage to buildings and gardens. By installing timber bollards this can be prevented from occurring.

If there are poor traffic signals, crowded street corners or unsafe pedestrian crossings, this can cause safety concerns for pedestrians. However, by installing timber bollards, this can help both pedestrian and vehicular traffic and increase the safety of everyone.

Why Buy Wooden Bollards From Speedy Street Solutions?

As renowned street furniture suppliers, you can be sure that our wooden bollards are premium products, but with affordable prices. We manufacture all of our products in house, so every item of street furniture has been carefully designed and created to your exact specifications. Not only are we leading manufacturers and suppliers of street furniture, but we are also specialists in stainless steel, making both domestic and commercial products.

In our range of wooden bollards at Speedy Street Solutions, we have three different types. We have the Standard Timber Bollard that comes in a variety of styles and shapes to suit your dimensions and landscaped environments. We also have the Stratton Eco Timber Bollard, which is fitted with an energy efficient LED lamp unit and can be used on driveways, paths and many other places. This bollard is made from components that can naturally decompose when it’s no longer needed, or be recycled. At Speedy Street Solutions, we also have the Stratton Double Timber Bollard that is sure to make an impact wherever it’s installed. All of these timber bollards are long lasting and can withstand a range of different harsh weather conditions, so you don’t have to keep replacing them.

If you would like to find out more information about our timber bollards, don’t hesitate to contact our professional and knowledgeable team. We are able to help you to find the solution to your street furniture problem.

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