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  1. Oak Bollard - 4 Way Flat Top

    Oak Bollard - 4 Way Flat Top
    £27.59 £22.99
  2. Oak Bollard - Back Weathered Top

    Oak Bollard - Back Weathered Top
    £25.79 £21.49
  3. Oak Bollard Pyramid Top

    Solid Oak Bollard
    £32.39 £26.99
  4. Rounded Oak Bollard

    Rounded Oak Bollard
    £41.99 £34.99
  5. A Wide Range Of Iroko hardwood, Oak hardwood Timber Bollards

    As low as £56.02 £46.68
  6. Stratton Eco Timber Bollard

    £190.80 £159.00
  7. Stratton Double Timber Bollard

    £380.10 £316.75
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Increase security measures on your site with our range of practical yet stylish timber bollards. The benefits of classic wooden bollards are a necessity for establishments across all industries, with popular uses including banks, government offices, museums, military buildings, corner buildings and schools who are looking to increase protection.

To help you find wooden bollards that implement a long lasting security solution whilst maintaining the aesthetic of your building exterior, we offer a wide range of timber bollards for you to choose from. Installing bulky and unpleasant looking bollards can have a negative impact on the visual appearance of your site so find neutral looking products that can match their surroundings and create a traditional feel rather than becoming an unsightly industrial addition.

The Benefits of Wooden Bollards

With strong, sturdy and durable properties, timber bollards are a particularly effective solution for a variety of uses. They can be implemented around the border of buildings to create a boundary and add a level of protection to buildings to prevent any damage. The wooden design and neutral colouring makes timber bollards perfect for adding safety measures without compromising on the stunning architecture of a property.

Wooden bollards are also great as a road safety aid, being installed for the benefit of both pedestrians and motorists by clearly mapping out the flow of traffic. If there are poor traffic signals, crowded street corners or unsafe pedestrian crossings, this can cause safety concerns for pedestrians so the addition of timber bollards can add an extra safety measure where needed. Their installation can also be utilised to prevent vehicles from mounting the curb in areas where there is a lack of parking. Cars parking on the curb can not only restrict pavement access for pedestrians or block the road for larger vehicles, but it can cause danger to other vehicles driving on the road. By installing wooden bollards in notorious areas, any damage to cars, buildings or gardens can be minimised to prevent any accidents from occurring.

Whatever the nature of your need for timber bollards, their flexibility makes them a substantial option for various uses. By restricting access for vehicles who could cause either accidental of intentional damage, any costly repairs are avoided and human safety is improved.

Timber Bollards Designed to Last

As renowned street furniture suppliers, you can be sure that our wooden bollards are carefully manufactured using the highest quality materials to meet our standards each and every time. We use sustainably sourced timbers to reduce our carbon footprint, creating products that are designed to withstand the test of time so you do not need to worry about needing new wooden bollards. For your convenience, our timber bollards are easy to install and can be used in a variety of scenarios such as car parks, commercial areas or even indoors. Although our products are designed with quality at the forefront of our mind, we keep our prices affordable so they are accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Depending on your requirements, our range of wooden bollards has been carefully designed to offer a solution for everyone. We offer different shapes, sizes and designs to suit your environment, each available with optional finishes so you can find the product that is designed for your situation. The classic Timber Bollards are a popular choice thanks to the variety of styles and shapes available, fitting into landscaped environments with a range of different dimensions available. We also have the Stratton Eco Timber Bollard which is made from components that can naturally decompose when it is no longer needed or can be recycled at your local recycling centre. It is fitted with an energy efficient LED lamp unit so is ideal for use on driveways, paths and public spaces to increase visibility. For locations which are prone to harsh weather conditions, the Stratton Double Timber Bollard is particularly long lasting so you don’t have to worry deterioration.

Although we aim to produce a range of wooden bollards which are flexible enough to offer a solution for all needs, we don’t stop there. If you need specific timber bollards to suit your unique specifications, get in touch to see how we can help produce a product that ticks all the boxes. As well as supplying timber bollards, we are also specialists in stainless steel bollards so browse our collection to meet all of your street furniture needs in one place. If you would like to find out more information on any of our wooden bollards or wider range, don’t hesitate to contact our professional and knowledgeable team today.

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