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Bicycle Racks

Bicycle racks provide a convenient and secure place for bike owners to store their pride and joy. At locations where space isn’t a luxury, our range of cycle racks include wall-mounted cycle racks and two tier bike racks to allow you to make the most of a small space without causing untidiness. 

We pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of outdoor bike racks which can suit all kinds of spaces, offering storage solutions for both big and small properties. Whether you are looking to offer an efficient storage solution at an office, school, workplace or a public facility such as a leisure centre, medical facility or train station, we create bicycle racks to suit all needs.

Outdoor Bike Racks

From the classic Sheffield cycle stand to a two tier bike rack, work with the team at Speedy Street Solutions to implement the perfect bicycle rack option for your space, offering visitors and staff a handy space to keep their bike safe throughout the day.

For smaller properties which are unlikely to be in demand by a high volume bike owners, wall mounted bike racks require little space and are attached to existing structures, being fully flexible whilst causing minimal disruption. Alternatively, a parking security rail is a low cost option which is perfect for any two-wheeled vehicles. With a minimalistic design and your choice of colour, this form of bicycle rack is ideal for implementing into your surroundings to provide a simple yet effective solution.

If you are looking for an option for larger facilities where bike storage is in high demand, opting for a two tier bike rack is a great way to make the most of your space. Accommodating all forms of bicycle, a two tier bike rack allows riders to simply attach their bike to any of the spaces with a simple chain or D-lock. Another option is our semi vertical bicycle rack, manufactured with your choice of spaces and perfect for narrower areas. These cycle racks keep your grounds looking as tidy as possible, with all bicycles kept to one area and leaving bike owners feeling content with the dedicated safe area.

Durable Cycle Racks

Having been trusted as expert street furniture suppliers for many years, there is no better place to find outdoor street furniture from removable bollards to cycle stands. Our cycle racks have all been carefully designed and quality checked to ensure you receive only the highest quality product which will be fit for duty for many more years to come. Our high quality bicycle racks do not mean high price tags; we keep our prices as cost effective as possible so you can implement the perfect solution for your business without having to worry about the cost.

If you are looking for a unique outdoor bike rack to fit your unique space or requirements, we are able to offer bespoke solutions manufactured to suit your needs. We also offer discounted rates on bulk orders so get in touch if you wish to discuss further.

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Bicycle Racks FAQs

How do I choose the right type of bicycle rack?

Whether you are investing in a bicycle rack for private or public land, there are a few things you will need to consider.

Firstly, you need to think about the space available to you as this will determine the type of bicycle rack you choose.

Secondly, you will need to think about how many bikes you will need it to carry and the type of bike they are. Indeed, some bicycle racks are designed to carry more bikes than others, while others may suit modern-day e-bikes which are slightly larger.

Finally, it’s important to think about access. Depending on where the cycle rack is situated and how many bikes it holds, accessibility is key for users.

What’s a good option if space needs optimising?

Semi-vertical bike racks are very popular option where space is at a premium. Perhaps you need a cycle rack for a corporate space. This type can accommodate any number of bicycles, making them idea for high-density parking. At Speedy Street Solutions, our semi-vertical bike racks are made from steel to ensure quality and durability year on year. If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why are cycle racks made from stainless steel?

Stainless steel is famed for being one of the most durable materials for bike racks. It boasts maximum corrosion protection, is antimicrobial, and has a smart appearance that is easy to clean and maintain, meaning it keeps its prestigious appearance for many years.

How to install Sheffield cycle stands?

Cycle stands should be installed on hard surfaces such as tarmac, block paving, slabs, or other similar materials. Sheffield cycle stands need to be installed at least one metre apart. They need to be at least 600mm away from a wall. Plus, if you’re placing them near a kerb, you need at least one metre of space in front of the stands.

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If you prefer a copy of our product guide, you can download our brochure here full of our latest street furniture. From road bollards to shelters, cycle stands to seats and benches, we have a full range of solutions for all types of project. Find all the details you need and easily order online.