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  1. Manchester Cast Iron Bollard

    Classic style Manchester cast iron bollard with decorative banding and rounded top, comes in Root fixed, Extended root and removable. 

    • Traditional choice of bollard style & shape
    • 1300mm overall height, 1000mm above ground
    • 220mm Diameter
    • Supplied plain Black: Optional Extras Gold Banding top, middle or bottom.


    £144.00 £120.00
  2. Blackpool Cast Iron Bollard

    The design of the Blackpool bollard ensures compatibility with heritage or public realm areas. Having an extra long circular root, allows a choice of how high above ground level they can be installed. 


    £126.00 £105.00
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Cast iron bollards are a stylish and practical street furniture solution, working well with both traditional and modern style surroundings and offering long-lasting protection in residential and urban landscapes. Our decorative cast iron bollards are effective for creating perimeters in urban environments, demarcation between vehicle and pedestrian areas, and to direct and control traffic. Speedy Street Solutions consists of expert cast iron bollard manufacturers, designers and fitters and will be able to supply you with the perfect solution to your requirements.


Decorative Cast Iron Bollards


As leading street furniture suppliers, we currently offer two styles of cast iron bollards in the UK. The first of these is our Manchester decorative cast iron bollards. These root fixed bollards are made from high quality cast iron and feature an elegant rounded top. They are available with decorative gold banding as well as a reflective top for enhanced safety at night. As cast iron bollard manufacturers, we will manufacture them to your specification and guarantee a high quality, long-lasting product. Cast iron bollards have an expected lifespan of 100 years so you can be assured you are getting a heavy duty solution.

Alternatively, our Blackpool style is a strong and sturdy Duracast™ Polyurethane (PU) alternative to cast iron bollards that provides the same fantastic aesthetics without the worry of rust. Polyurethane bollards are ideal in environments near to water, and this style is ideal when you still want the look of decorative cast iron bollards with attractive gold banding. We manufacture cast iron bollards so can make them to your requirements, including the addition of a reflective top for enhanced safety around vehicles.


The Best Cast Iron Bollards in the UK


Cast iron bollards are a popular choice wherever vehicle management is required, but where aesthetics are also a key deciding factor. Our range of cast iron bollards in the UK offer the same practical application and long-lasting quality as many other materials, such as steel bollards and concrete bollards. However, they offer the added benefit of the upmarket look and customisation options that make these the only choice for many environments. We are able to supply and fit a matching range of street furniture including litter binsshelters and cycle stands so you can create an attractively designed outdoor space with minimal effort.

As cast iron bollard manufacturers and fitters, Speedy Street Solutions can assist you through every stage of the process. From choosing the best decorative cast iron bollards for your application, to advising on placement and installing them securely for you, our in-house experts will deliver the perfect solution to your needs every time. If you have any questions before purchasing our cast iron bollards in the UK or further afield, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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