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Bike Lockers

Cycling continues to grow in popularity, being an excellent way for people to get out and about to enjoy exercise in the fresh air and be an environmentally friendly option for the morning commute. All cyclists, no matter what level, need secure bicycle lockers to keep their bikes safe when they're not in use. It is paramount to minimise the risk of any damage that could lead to costly repairs.

Cycle storage lockers and stands such as sheffield bike stands are used to securely store single bicycles at external public locations such as train stations, town centres, offices, and other workplaces. They can provide revenue as part of a rental scheme, often the case at commuter train stations.

Bike lockers are an efficient storage solution, offering a secure location for one or multiple bikes, which provides the owner with peace of mind that their pride and joy are safe. Whether bike storage lockers are being considered for homes, shopping centres, medical facilities, workplaces or schools, there are numerous reasons why public facilities should provide access to a bicycle locker.

The Benefits of Providing cycle storage lockers

For many cyclists, bike lockers are an efficient and affordable option to store their bikes safely and out of sight. Throughout the year, lockers will provide a practical place to secure your bike and other cycling gear such as your helmet, gloves, pumps, and water bottles. Offering bicycle lockers provide both businesses and bike owners with various benefits. Here are just a handful of reasons why investing in cycle storage lockers is a worthwhile decision:

Bike lockers encourage visitors to swap driving for cycling.

Alongside cycling offering significant health benefits, it is an excellent step in the right direction for the environment and traffic pollution. The more visitors to your business that cycle, the fewer parking spaces that will be required. Investing in cycle storage lockers provides your business with more space for other needs. For example, you could create a communal garden or have options for extending the commercial property.

Bike lockers reduce the likelihood of criminal behaviour on your property.

Sadly, bikes are a typical magnet for thieves, often leaving bike owners victims of theft or criminal damage. Having secure bicycle lockers on your premises ensures that bike owners are free to go about their day, and the likelihood of any suspicious activity is minimised.

Bike lockers keep the grounds of your business looking tidy.

A stylish bike storage locker is an excellent alternative to having various cyclists park up all-around your property. With all bike owners parking in the bike lockers, it keeps bicycles stored centrally and keeps your premises looking tidy and uniform. Alongside this, your bicycle locker shows your considerate side to any public facility visitors, offering them a secure storage solution whilst they enter your property.

Investing in High-Quality Bicycle Lockers

Having been manufacturing a range of cycle storage lockers to suit various purposes, we have built up our reputation as trusted street furniture suppliers. We are always going above and beyond to deliver. Whether you are looking for a small bike storage locker to fit conveniently beside your house or shared accommodation or a bicycle locker that can hold multiple bicycles, meet all your storage needs with our range of bicycle lockers. Although we strive to keep our prices affordable, quality will never be compromised; every one of our bike lockers is designed to offer a long-lasting solution that maintains its condition against the elements.

Buy Durable and High-Quality Cycle Storage Lockers Today!

Our bike lockers are carefully designed, and quality checked to ensure you receive only the highest quality product, which will be fit for duty for many more years to come. Our high-quality bicycle lockers do not mean high price tags; we keep our prices as cost-effective as possible so you can implement the perfect solution for your business without worrying about the cost.

If you are looking for a unique outdoor bike storage locker, or even bike and scooter racks, unique to your space or requirements, we can offer bespoke solutions manufactured to suit your needs. We also offer discounted rates on bulk orders, so download our brochure to learn more or get in touch if you wish to discuss this further.

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Cycle Storage Lockers FAQs

What's the difference between standard bike lockers and Access E lockers?

Either side of the Access E is a mounting plate, designed to allow you to mount electric sockets for battery charging. At the base of each side is a convenient access hole with a rubber grommet, allowing you to feed cables from outside into your bike shed into the sockets, allowing you to charge your bikes as the unit is fully locked. The Access E bike lockers are perfect for those who have invested in electric bikes as they become more popular.

Why is the roof angled on some bike locker designs?

The angled roof allows rain water to fall away from the house. This is particularly important if you place your bike shed against the wall of your house. It means there won't be a unsightly build-up of mould behind the shed.

Is there anything I need to do before cycle storage lockers get installed?

Before installation can take place, a level firm surface will be required. For example, a concrete, tarmac, patio at 50mm/2" thick). The base must be solid, completely flat, and secure. Plus, it needs to be bigger than the base of the bike shed, so the bike shed can sit comfortably within the surfacer perimeter and be secured well.

How do I choose the right bike shed?

It's important to consider both the space you have and the number of bikes you need to store at any given time. Our bike shed vary in size and features depending on your needs. Your location may also determine whether you choose one with additional safety features such as metal floor that can be bolted to the ground, locking systems, and more. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.

How do bike lockers work?

The full enclosure provided by bike lockers allows cyclists to leave their accessories and panniers (parts that would be very vulnerable on a bike rack) in place without worrying. Bike lockers also protect bikes from the elements, keeping them comfortable and dry in any weather.

Download Brochure

Download Our Brochure

If you prefer a copy of our product guide, you can download our brochure here full of our latest street furniture. From road bollards to shelters, cycle stands to seats and benches, we have a full range of solutions for all types of project. Find all the details you need and easily order online.