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Metal Fencing

A strong metal fence can provide the perimeter security you need for your property or private land, that’s not only practical but aesthetically pleasing too. If you require metal fencing to your exact requirements, at Speedy Street Solutions we can help you today. Below you’ll find a full range of fencing options including full metal fence panels for both commercial and residential properties.

Our street furniture options can enhance your property or land and provide a physical barrier to stop trespassing and unauthorised access. If you have specific requirements, just get in touch today and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

Metal Fencing Designs

A metal fence is the perfect physical barrier to mark a territory border. If you have privately owned land adjacent to your property or business, you may want to consider metal fence panels that can border the perimeter. Available in many different styles with some providing low security as well as more deterrent style high-security fencing, you can find the exact type of metal fencing your property requires.

If you want your metal fence for more decorative purposes, we can help there too, with plenty to choose from that look great and stylish at the front or back of your property. If the land you want to add fencing to is for a park or play area, for example, you may want to consider low-rise fencing that borders the area nicely but isn’t full of security features. On the other hand, if you have a private commercial property that needs something more sturdy and secure, you’ll want metal fence panels that are much higher and more difficult to climb or scale.

Whether you need more ornamental-style metal fencing with intricate design details or something much more functional and simple in design, we have the metal fence for you. Speak to our team today for more information about our fencing and browse our range of guardrails and barriers for other fencing options.

Order Your Metal Fencing Online

If a metal fence will complete the look of your property or land and add the security or boundary you’re looking for, contact us today. You can see full descriptions of the fencing we can provide when clicking on each product, and easily add to checkout the items you wish to purchase. Many items will be priced depending on your size requirements and are custom, so send us details of the measurements you need and we can provide a quote as soon as possible

As street furniture suppliers, we can provide all manner of different products from seats and benches to bollards and traffic road signs. If you have a request you cannot find on our website, enquire today through live chat or by filling out our online enquiry form.

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Metal Fence FAQs

What sizes of metal fencing can you help with?

This will depend on your requirements, and we can help with many standard-size fences as well as more bespoke options. Whether you need a small, low-rise perimeter metal fence, or a much larger, more secure commercial metal fence, let us know exactly what your requirements are, and we’ll provide a quote.

What materials are used for metal fence panels?

Many metal fencing is made from aluminium or wrought iron designs, providing a strong product that will last for many years. There are also chain link fence designs that are more practical but much less aesthetically appealing. When choosing a metal fence type from our range on this page, you’ll see the options available. If there is any particular metal fence material you want to enquire about, please just ask and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Do you have decorative metal fencing?

Yes, you can choose more decorative metal fencing if this is a requirement for your property. These are just as strong and safe as other types of metal fences, just with added design flair to make them more appealing for residential use. Contact us today with your requirements.

Download Brochure

Download Our Brochure

If you prefer a copy of our product guide, you can download our brochure here full of our latest street furniture. From road bollards to shelters, cycle stands to seats and benches, we have a full range of solutions for all types of project. Find all the details you need and easily order online.