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Stainless Steel Bollards

Not only are stainless steel security bollards beneficial for protecting buildings and defining boundaries, but they are also an important part of road safety. As leading street furniture suppliers, we understand the value of stainless steel security bollards, which is why we have a wide range of options at competitive prices to choose from. Our bollards can be installed in a variety of locations to increase both traffic and pedestrian safety. Due to the design of our stainless steel security bollards, installing them will not impact the visual appearance of a property.

Benefits Of Stainless Steel Security Bollards

As vehicle owners, if you’re looking to protect your vehicles from both intentional and accidental damage, stainless steel security bollards are an ideal solution. They can also be used to help to protect buildings and infrastructure from the impact of a vehicle. These bollards are typically utilised by banks, museums, military buildings, schools and many other business and property types. In addition to being beneficial for protecting buildings and vehicles, stainless steel security bollards can also be used to prevent vehicles from mounting the curb. People tend to mount the curbs when parking is limited, however this can restrict the amount of pavement for pedestrians. Sometimes drivers can cause damage to buildings and gardens as a result of parking on the curb, therefore stainless steel security bollards can act as a deterrent.

Stainless steel security bollards can also help to protect pedestrians from traffic. By installing the bollards, pedestrians can be kept safe from injury by any wayward vehicles. Whether you are looking into bespoke stainless steel security bollards or to choose a pre-made bollard available in a variety of sizes, Speedy Street Solutions are on hand to provide. Even with our flat top bollards, semi-dome top and mitre top stainless steel security bollards, you can choose the diameter, length, grade of steel, extra fixings, reflective tape and recess, to make the design align to your individual requirements.

Bespoke Stainless Steel Security Bollards

Our stainless steel security bollards can be designed to meet your unique needs. We specialise in the manufacturing of bespoke designs to ensure that your security bollards meet your specific requirements. We will work with you to ensure that we design and create stainless steel security bollards that are long lasting and suitable for their purpose.

With years of experience in the industry, no request is too big or small when it comes to our products. From sheffiled cycle stands to industrial shelving and road bollards. With our bespoke stainless steel security bollards, the options endless. If you would like more information about the bollards in our range or to find out more regarding our bespoke designs, get in touch with our team. You will receive a quick response including a quote for the work you would like completed, our team make sourcing and making street furniture as easy as possible for you. Either contact us on 01904 786861/ 07776 274334 or email us at [email protected].

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Stainless Steel Bollards FAQs

Can you place stainless steel bollards at your residential property?

To help prevent damage to your home, you can install security stainless steel bollards around your driveway areas. Often it is common for stainless steel bollards to be placed near the garage—if you tend to back into your garage, you may already know how easily you could misjudge the distance to the garage and accidentally drive into the building.

How are stainless steel bollards installed?

In many urban areas, it’s best that road bollards are installed to be semi-permanent. That way, they can be moved or entirely removed to provide temporary uses. Moreover, it’s important that they visually fit their location.

Stainless steel bollards are supplied with welded fixing spikes to ensure firm ground anchorage. You will need to excavate holes to a depth of approx. 400mm x 300mm diameter and cast into concrete. The stainless stell bollards at Speedy Street Solutions can be supplied with a base plate for bolting down. For a full installation price, please contact us.

What is the best material for bollards?

When road bollards are used as vehicle protection devices, you’ll want to find ones produced with leading materials and exceptional final touches. The best bollards are constructed from stainless steel for long lasting protection against harsh impacts, even from multiple crashes.

What are the main reasons for using stainless steel bollards?

Stainless steel bollards have several uses, including access control. They are also frequently used for reserving car parking spaces, adding restricted access zones to driveways, and acting as a visual deterrent for increased security. For example, stainless steel bollards often act as a barrier that prevent cars from entering a pedestrian-only zone. They can also be seen in places like shopping premises, university campuses, or centres.

Is stainless steel recyclable?

In fact, stainless steel is recyclable. It is produced using three main alloys – nickel, chromium, and molybdenum. These materials are valuable and easily recoverable, ensuring that the process is cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly. If you’re looking for other green options when it comes to road bollards, we also sell recycled plastic bollards.

How long will my order take to arrive?

At Speedy Street Solutions, we offer free delivery to England, Wales, and Southern Scotland. (For delivery supplements to any other UK and European destinations, please contact us). Under the current COVID 19, situation orders placed today may take up to 4-5 working weeks. This is subject to change depending upon courier workloads and availability - please get in touch with us for current lead times.

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