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  1. Speed Ramp Kit – Heavy Duty
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    Speed Ramp Kit – Heavy Duty
    As low as £77.99 £64.99
  2. TOP STOP Traffic Calming
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    TOP STOP Traffic Calming
    £74.28 £61.90
  3. wheel stops
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    Wheel Stops
    As low as £33.84 £28.20
  4. wheel stops
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    Heavy Duty Wheel Stops
    £165.66 £138.05
  5. Parking Bay Markers
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    Parking Bay Markers
    £78.06 £65.05
  6. Speed cushion
    Speed cushion
    £1,078.86 £899.05
  7. Steel & Rubber Kerb – 1200mm x 160mm
    Steel & Rubber Kerb – 1200mm x 160mm
    £269.10 £224.25
  8. Steel Parking Stops
    Steel Parking Stops
    £78.90 £65.75
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Speed bumps are an effective way to control the speed of oncoming traffic, maintaining a safe flow of vehicles. Being particularly effective in residential areas, car parks and by pedestrian heavy areas such as schools and city centres, keeping speeds low has never been as simple with easy to install speed bumps UK.

Our speed bumps are available as kits which contain everything you need to set up and install your speed bumps where you need them. Unlike traditional concrete speed bumps, we use PVC material which is extremely durable yet safer for cars, minimising the risk of leaving nasty scrapes. Available in different heights, choose the best option for their purpose including 75mm options which are suited to HGV’s or heights designed for cars with our 50mm speed bumps UK.

Kerb Ramps

Kerb ramps offer increased convenience for any wheeled vehicle, allowing them to easily mount the pavement for increase mobility. Ideal for wheelchairs, trolleys, bicycles, cars and forklift trucks, the uses of kerb ramps are wide, suiting commercial, residential and industrial settings alike. Our kerb ramps can withstand weights of up to 40 tonnes so their simple installation can provide years of use when you need it.

As reputable street furniture suppliers, we know that every little detail matters. The design of our kerb ramps includes reflective yellow panelling so not only can you spot where they are installed in an instant, but any passers-by can see them and avoid obstructing the area. For added practicality, channels have been created in the base of the kerb ramps which allow rainwater to flow freely and any cabling to easily pass through. Depending on what you plan on using your kerb ramps for, we offer two different width options which are designed to suit larger vehicles.

Wheel Stops

Managing the positioning of vehicles and avoiding damage being caused, there are numerous uses for wheel stops which can be utilised by public spaces and businesses across all industries. Most commonly, wheel stops are placed at the end of a parking space to prevent drivers from obstructing pedestrian walkways, other parking spaces or hitting hidden kerbs. 

Our range of wheel stops make use of our new and improved design, created using recycled rubber which is highly durable and protects vehicles from damage on impact. Reflective strips are added onto both sides of the wheel stops to increase visibility and alert drivers of their presence, day or night. For businesses who are looking for a more subtle solution, we also offer steel wheel stops which can be painted in your choice of colour to suit your surroundings.

If you would like to know more about any of the products in our range, please get in touch today. We are on hand to recommend the best speed bumps, kerb ramps or wheel stops to suit your requirements and can offer bulk discounts on larger orders.

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