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Impact Protection

Designed to prevent damage from occurring, our range of impact protection products can withstand high levels of impact so your property doesn’t have to. With impact protection barriers for building corners, car parks, pallet racks and more, keep areas prone to damage safe and prevent the risk of injury. Protruding corners, structural columns, external pipes and tight spaces are all vulnerable to damage over time which can be easily avoided with simple impact protection products designed to reduce impact for both parties.

As well as protecting buildings and assets, an impact protection barrier also offers protection for vehicles and machinery. Whether you are looking for solutions for industrial warehouse units which can get damaged from passing forklift trucks or a commercial car park in which customers are damaging the outskirts of the building, preventing costly damage can go a long way. Any damage to buildings, vehicles or even humans can be costly or catastrophic, leading to large scale problems which can be avoided with simple impact protection.

Types of Impact Protection Barriers

As experienced street furniture suppliers who have extensive knowledge surrounding the needs of businesses, we have produced a wide range of street bollardscycle stands and impact protection products to help you find the solution that works for your space. Corner impact protection barriers are ideal for corners which tend to get scraped due to limited space or poor visibility so choose from our sleek stainless steel rail or high visibility yellow and black safety barrier. For straight surfaces like walls, shelving or wall mounted equipment which require additional protection, our collision impact protection bars are available in a variety of diameters and finishes to suit your space.

We appreciate that every business is different and that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to impact protection barriers. To tailor to more specific needs, we also offer more unique designs such as pallet racking protection and trolley guide rails for industries which are renowned for damage from passing vehicles.

If none of the impact protection barriers in our range are quite right for your requirements, don’t give up hope! Here at Speedy Street Solutions, we are experts in the street furniture industry and go above and beyond to create bespoke solutions to meet trickier specifications. Do not hesitate to get in touch to see if we can help create a unique product designed to tick all of your boxes.

Quality Impact Protection Guaranteed

Although we pride ourselves on keeping our prices affordable, this does not reflect on the quality of our impact protection barriers. Each and every one of our orders are made using the highest quality materials and are quality checked before dispatch so you don’t have to waste time when it comes to implementing your new impact protection barriers. Our range is designed to withstand the outdoor weather conditions and maintain its appearance, providing you with an effective solution that lasts.

If you have any queries about our range of impact protection barriers, do not hesitate to reach out to our expert team today. We also offer a bulk discount on larger orders so be sure to chat to us about your requirements.

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Impact Protection Barriers FAQs

What is street impact protection?

The range of impact protection found here can withstand high levels of impact so your property doesn’t have to. Impact protection is often made from highly durable materials and designed to protect lamp posts and street furniture from accidental damage. It can also be used in the workplace too. For example, construction sites would be a perfect example of where impact protection would be necessary.

Why are impact protection barriers important?

Getting the right impact protection barriers to ‘cushion’ your property or protruding structures of your home or workplace, both internally and externally is important.

In the workplace, health, and safety obligations in and around your premises are extensive. Accidents in your warehouse, factory site or another industrial area could cost you more than just non-compliance fines! Safeguarding your reputation as a company and therefore business’s future hinges on taking the right steps to protect your staff and workplace. Sensible choices of impact protection installation help with this, though you can also buy specific pedestrian safety items such as guard rails and barriers.

Impact protection barriers can also save you money. Top-quality products absorb the force of collisions. Then, you simply replace the bollard, pillar protector, safety end, landing plates or other low-priced safety management product. Instead of repairing major structures, you simply must replace the impact protection.

Is steel a good material for impact protection barriers to be made from?

Steel is a durable and strong for impact protection; steel is impervious to corrosion and abrasions. Stainless steel impact protection will be very robust while being resistant to staining too.

Where do you place impact protection in the workplace?

Considering where to put impact protection products is a commercial necessity. Thinking ahead avoids accidents, but also ringfences productivity and your reputation as a safe workplace. Regular risk assessments to plan impact protection helps to manage your costs, time and productivity. It will also help your application decisions.

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