Lamp Post Protectors

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  1. Lamp Post Protector Hoop

    Lamp Post Protector Hoop
    £63.60 £53.00
  2. Lamp Post Protector

    £89.94 £74.95
  3. Pole & column protectors

    £96.00 £80.00
  4. Twin Rail Lamp Post Protector

    Twin Rail Lamp Post Protector are designed to protect columns, and other vulnerable pillars from vehicle damage in a busy industrial environment.

    Our Twin Rail Lamp Post Protector are manufactured from mild steel and galvanised to ensure their longevity. Suitable for both internal and external use.Twin Rail Lamp Post Protector.


    Any questions, please contact us here


    £168.00 £140.00
  5. Lamp Post Protector (split)

    £186.44 £155.37
  6. 360° Column Protector

    £322.68 £268.90
  7. Square Lamp Post Protectors

    The Square Lamp Post Protectors provide strong protection for, exposed lamp post, pipework etc. against damage by motorised transport.


    Any questions, please contact us here


    £343.87 £286.56
  8. Lamp Post Protector - Square

    Lamp Post Protector - Square
    £300.00 £250.00
  9. Column Protectors

    Column Protectors
    £543.59 £452.99
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Simple yet effective, lamp post protectors are designed to prevent damage in areas which are prone to risks. Whether that be car parks, public spaces, freight yards or private buildings, offering a level of protection from vehicles is recommended for preventing expensive damages.

As experienced street furniture suppliers, we have created a wide range of products from sheffiled cycle stands to lamp post protectors with various designs and features, so you can find the perfect solution for your situation. The classic design of lamp post protectors consists of a simple hoop which is sunk into the ground to prevent vehicles such as cars and trolleys from being able to hit the lamp post. Alongside the traditional styles of lamp post protectors, our range includes 360°, square, double rail and high visibility designs which can all be adapted to suit your surroundings.

Column Protectors

As well as protecting lamp posts, we offer more versatile column protectors which are adaptable enough to use for a range of purposes across different industries. Whether they are required to protect structural columns, pipework, trees, masts or free standing posts, the risk of collision is minimised to ensure your assets do not face significant damages.

Our column protectors are manufactured using high quality tubing with a steel guard to offer all-round protection and maintain their condition for years to come. For easy assembly, you can set up your column protectors with little installation so you can get them up and running in no time. To help you find a product that suits the needs of your site, we also offer various fixing types for more heavy duty situations and warehouse settings; choose from Through Bolt Anchors or Rawl Bolts to ensure your column protectors provide the level of durability you require.

Lamp Post Protectors Designed To Suit

We appreciate that every business is different and this is why we offer various designs which can each be paired with additional finishes or more heavy duty fixing options should they be desired. Our range of lamp post and column protectors cover all basis’, offering varying levels of defence but each product can be adapted to suit each customer. For areas such as car parks where traffic flows in one direction, U-shaped lamp post protectors are ideal but in more unpredictable surroundings, all-round protection is a safer choice. Once you have found the best design, the size, fixing and finish is up to you so you can find exactly what you have been looking for.

If you are unsure on the best lamp post protectors for your site, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for some professional advice. Here at Speedy Street Solutions, we have years of experience providing businesses with the perfect solutions for the nature of their industry and pride ourselves on offering an exceptional service; please reach out should you have any questions.


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