Guardrails & Safety Barriers

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  1. Perimeter barriers

    Perimeter barriers
    £36.00 £30.00
  2. Steel Hoop Guards

    £204.00 £170.00
  3. Parking Security Rail

    Parking Security Rail
    £186.00 £155.00
  4. Works Barriers

    £55.80 £46.50
  5. Crowd Barriers

    £47.60 £39.67
  6. Walk-Through Barrier with gate

    Buy Walk-Through Barriers
    £134.32 £111.93
  7. Heras Fence Panel Kits (Minimum order quantity 8)

    Heras Trade Fence Panel (Minimum order quantity 8)
    £58.40 £48.67
  8. Pedestrian Standard Guardrail

    As low as £79.19 £65.99
  9. Pedestrian Sight Gap Guardrail

    As low as £89.99 £74.99
  10. Stainless Steel Retractable Belt Posts

    £75.80 £63.17
  11. Economy Retractable Belt Barrier

    £125.57 £104.64
  12. Hoop Barriers

    £157.20 £131.00
  13. Column Protectors

    Column Protectors
    £543.59 £452.99
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When it comes to the safety of employees, visitors and members of the public, health and safety is paramount. Whether you are working on a permanent or temporary basis, having the appropriate safety barriers installed in high risk areas is needed to maintain the necessary precautions. As leading street furniture suppliers, we stock a wide selection of products from sheffiled cycle stands and removable bollards to safety barriers, including crowd control barriers and pedestrian guard rails to help prevent the likelihood of injury.

Types of Safety Barriers

Depending on the needs of your situation, we have a range of products designed for specific uses, helping you find what you need to improve operations safely.

Crowd control barriers

Whether you are hosting a music event, setting up a queueing system or keeping an old landmark protected, crowd control barriers are designed to prevent a build-up of people. As well as keeping groups of people away from areas which need to be cordoned off, it can help maintain the flow of large groups of people to keep things moving and avoid safety concerns. The simple design of crowd control barriers means they can be linked together to cover the necessary area and additional weights can be added to withstand larger levels of force.

Pedestrian guard rails

Being a popular addition to public walkways, pedestrian guard rails are commonly implemented in-between roads and pavements to prevent people from walking into the path of vehicles and vice versa. In busy areas where there is a high volume of traffic or more dangerous areas with blind spots, the addition of pedestrian guard rails directs pedestrians towards designated crossing points to benefit their safety.

High visibility barriers

The traditional design of bright orange safety barriers with red and white reflective panels are a familiar sight for many. Commonly used to prevent traffic accessing building sites, alerting the public of a public footpath closure and directing movement on industrial sites, the high visibility makes them a great choice for day and night use. Again, the hook and eye system means they can be used for a variety of uses and are easily deployed.

Order Industrial & Pedestrian Guard Rails

Here at Speedy Street Solutions, we have created an extensive range of safety barriers, crowd control barriers, pedestrian guard rails and more to offer a solution for everyone. With different designs, materials, fixings and colours available, enhancing the safety measures on your site has never been so easy.

If you would like any professional recommendations on the best safety barriers for your situation, we are always on hand to help. Do not hesitate to get in touch for some expert advice or to ask any questions you may have; we work to your convenience to offer the solution you’ve been looking for. For bulk orders, we are also able to offer a discount so let us know your requirements today.

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