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Road Bollards and Highways Bollards

At Speedy Street Solutions, we are experienced street furniture suppliers and manufacturers providing a wide range of street furniture including road bollards, traffic road signs, cycle stands and more. We maintain a customer-centred approach and always suggest the most appropriate and cost effective solution for your individual requirements, our team offers in-depth knowledge in the industry and are always here to help.


Our range of road bollards provide the ideal solution for controlling the direction of traffic on roads and motorways. Reflective road bollards ensure that any hazards are noticed in advance and improve the safety of the road-users. Clear signs and directions guiding the flow of traffic in the right direction will keep the roads orderly and safe for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and road maintenance workers alike.


Types of Road Bollards


Our team aim to always offer an extensive range of products to perfectly suit all forms of traffic management including keep left bollards, road traffic signs, traffic mirrors and highway bollards. Safety is paramount so opting for highly visible road bollards delivering an easy to understand message will help prevent any unwanted accidents.


The off-highway traffic posts are fitted with reflective sleeves and are easy to setup, perfect for guiding traffic or warning of approaching hazards. This form of road bollards is ideal for separating lines of traffic or identifying car parking spaces at events, available in different sizes depending on the occasion. Our traditional central traffic road bollards are used in the centre of lanes and are designed to be illuminated internally from any industry standard base light. They are very lightweight and easy to install, with no ongoing maintained required, however are very durable during all weather conditions.


If needing to cordon off areas with road bollards, traffic posts with chain eyes are an effective way to make a barrier system preventing traffic from entering. The chain threads through the eyelets of each bollard to create a highly visible barrier day or night. This road bollards solution is ideal for car parks, public spaces, warehouses and private roads to name just a few practical uses.


To visibly separate cycle lanes and traffic lanes, cycle lane separators utilise reflectors and a speciality base that can withstand multiple impacts. This road bollards solution is maintenance free, withstanding all weather conditions and returning to the upright position without damages if hit.


Durable Bespoke Road Bollards


The team at Speedy Street Solutions have years of expertise when it comes to road bollards and traffic management solutions. If you would like to discuss bespoke options, contact our team to discuss your requirements and receive a no-obligation quote. From start to finish, we will be by your side to complete your road bollards project smoothly and effectively. From the initial design, we will create your bespoke street furniture with the best quality materials and a final solution bound to stand the test of time for years to come. Our friendly team are always on hand to answer and questions or help recommend the ideal solution for your needs.

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Road Bollards and Highways Bollards FAQs

Why are bold colours used for Road Bollards and Highways Bollards?

Bright and bold colours are used on bollards because they provide an extra measure of safety for a variety of different uses.

For example, pedestrian areas near high-traffic zones increase the risk of danger to anyone walking past. Bright coloured bollards such as red or yellow that clearly separate the street from the pavement tell drivers to stay clear and in their lanes.

In addition, bold and bright coloured bollards stand out more in dimly lit areas which is invaluable. For example, warehouse workers on late night shifts operating heavy pieces of machinery can pose a danger risk if bright road bollards are not in place to guide and highlight designated areas.

Since brightly coloured road bollards are more visible in the dark, they can assist the direction of traffic if there ever was a local power outage.

What are keep road and highway bollards made from?

Most road and highway bollards are made from hard wearing plastic with a circular base that is tiered with a cylindrical column. The main façade features an illuminated reflective signage or brightly coloured stripes that can be seen night and day. If required they can also be equipped with other symbols, such as no entry, double arrows and more. Most of our road and highway bollards are housed in a 100% recyclable shell.

What other types of materials can bollards be made in?

At Speedy Street solutions, we manufacture and supply bollards in a range of different materials, these include cast iron, cast aluminium, mild steel, concrete, polyurethane, stainless steel, recycled plastic, and timber. The material you choose will depend on your needs.

What are the main applications for road bollards and highway bollards?

The main uses for this type of bollard include separation of single lines of traffic, guide vehicles around or through a temporary obstruction, car parks, public events etc.

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