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Powder Coated Bollards

The addition of a powder coating creates extra strength against external damages, working especially well in harsh environments such as those with a large flow of traffic. The thick coating offers protection to the metal underneath, preventing corrosion to maintain the new condition for longer whilst offering high visibility to passers-by.

Powder coated bollards are available in many colours, with the option to produce bright bollards that stand out for added visibility. Whether you choose an aesthetic that matches your surroundings or do what you can to make your powder coated steel bollards visible against their backdrop, their versatility makes them a great option for the majority of situations.

How Powder Coated Bollards Work

To ensure the coating connects to the metal, it is thoroughly cleaned of any grease or dirt that may have built up before being primed. A powder is then electrically charged using advanced technologies to form a bond between the two. Once coated, the bollard is cured using extremely high temperatures that permanently adhere the coating for long term usage before a top coat is added for even more protection.

With powder coated bollards being available in various colours, their uses are extensive. Some popular purposes include protecting pedestrians on footpaths, preventing vehicles from accessing prohibited areas, protecting the perimeter of buildings and managing the flow of traffic in car parks. The bright colours mean visibility is strong, reducing the risk of any vehicles travelling in the wrong direction or injuring pedestrians by driving through areas they shouldn’t, preventing traffic from accessing and avoiding confusion in built up areas.

Our Range of Powder Coated Steel Bollards

Here at Speedy Street Solutions, we are experienced street furniture suppliers who have been working with businesses across all industries to provide them with the products they need from sheffield cycle stands to removable bollards. Our range of powder coated bollards includes a wide selection of sizes, designs and features to tick all of the right boxes for each and every customer. Once you’ve chosen the best fit for your requirements, add additional extras such as reflective banding and recess groove options to ensure you can include everything needed to suit your location. For industrial environments or areas with a heavy traffic flow, we recommend opting for a foot fixed or bolt down finish for added strength, enforcing their strength against ramming.

If you have any questions about our range of powder coated steel bollards, do not hesitate to get in touch. We pride ourselves on getting to know the needs of each individual customer and doing what we can to offer the perfect solution, offering friendly advice and answering any questions you may have. If you require a bespoke design or are ordering in bulk, please reach out as we can work to your requirements or offer a discount on larger orders.

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Powder Coated Bollards FAQs

What types of materials are bollards available in?

At Speedy Street solutions, we manufacture and supply bollards in a range of different materials, these include cast iron, cast aluminium, mild steel, polyurethane, concrete, stainless steel, recycled plastic, and timber. The material you choose will depend on your needs.

What is the purpose of powder coated bollards?

Powder coating is used to protect iron, stell, and aluminium products. It’s a thick uniform coating that has excellent resistance against corrosion.

The process of creating powder coated bollards involved a careful pre-treatment, powder application, and high-temperature curing. The pre-treatment involves a deep clean to remove dirt, grease, and any other material that may interfere with adhesion. Coloured powder is then electrically charged to create an electrostatic attraction. Reliance Foundry products undergo two coats: a primer, and a topcoat. Once the object is coated in dry powder, it is placed in a curing oven, where high temperatures cause the powder to gel and cure.

Can cast iron rust?

Cast iron can rust if it isn’t maintained. In most cases, this happens when the paint is chipped leaving the surface of the bollard exposed.

Is there anything additional that can help prevent powdered coated bollards from eroding?

At Speedy Street Solutions, we stock plastic bollard covered. These are durable plastic covers which are designed to protect steel bollards from weathering and erosion. They are extremely easy to fit. You simply slide over the bollard, and they will fit securely with a self-adhesive foam strip. No maintenance, no repainting, and no rust.

What is the difference between powder coated and painted bollards?

The primary difference between powder coatings and paint is that powder coatings have no solvent. A solvent is used to hold the paint in its liquid form. As the paint dries, it transforms into a solid. However, powder coatings are applied in their solid, powdered form.

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