Concrete Fill T-Cap

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T- Cap for a concrete-filled bollard is the top portion or cover that is placed on the bollard to provide a finished appearance and protect the interior components, such as the concrete fill and any embedded reinforcement. T-Caps may be flat, domed, or have other decorative features depending on the design requirements.

Product Specifications:

  • Standard diameters: 76mm, 89mm, 101mm, 114mm, 140mm, 168mm or 193mm.
  • Galvanised 3mm Steel as standard – BSEN ISO 1461
  • Powder Coated also available.


Once the bollard has been installed concrete can be poured into the bollard. The T-Cap can be insurted into the top of the bollard and left to set.

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We offer a discount on bulk orders, helping you install high quality bollards at an affordable price.

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Concrete Fill T-Cap