Cycle Shelters

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  1. Open Front Cycle Shelter

    Open Front Cycle Shelter
    £1,078.80 £899.00
  2. Eco Cycle Bike Storage (Sizes 4 to 14)

    As low as £1,328.64 £1,107.20
  3. Warland Cycle Shelter

    £1,593.60 £1,328.00
  4. Arched Cycle Shelter

    £1,593.60 £1,328.00
  5. Little Bridge Cycle Shelter

    £1,593.60 £1,328.00
  6. Boxster Cycle Shelter and Rack

    £1,940.54 £1,617.12
  7. Gated Eco Cycle Shelter

    £2,234.66 £1,862.22
  8. Penton Cycle Shelter

    Penton Cycle Shelter
    £1,794.00 £1,495.00
  9. Dale Cantilever Single Row 10 Cycle Shelter

    Dale Cantilever Single Row 10 Cycle Shelter
    £1,914.00 £1,595.00
  10. High Side Cycle Shelter

    £2,034.00 £1,695.00
  11. York arched canopy 10 Cycle Shelter

    York arched canopy Cycle Shelter
    £2,634.00 £2,195.00
  12. Dale Cantilever Double Row 40 Cycle Shelter

    £6,354.00 £5,295.00
  13. Wooden Cycle Shelter

    £3,238.80 £2,699.00
  14. Mono Pitch Shelter

    £4,932.00 £4,110.00
  15. Cycle Eco Compound with Racks

    £6,969.60 £5,808.00
  16. 8 Capacity Motor Bike Compound

    £6,576.00 £5,480.00
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At Speedy Street Solutions, our bike storage shelter range is available in a variety of sizes and coats, so your cycle shelter can tick all the boxes. Whether you need a bike storage shelter for your college, office, at a train station or in a car park, you can find a suitable style in our range. From mild steel to galvanised and powder coat, your new bike storage shelter can be made to measure and with the finish you choose to match the aesthetic of the exterior of your property.

All our bike storage shelters ensure that bikes are kept dry and protected from the weather when they’re not being used. Suitable for schools, local authorities, as well as commercial and residential developments, you can provide your staff, students or guests with a secure place to store their bike.

Each bike storage shelter in our range has been designed differently, but we can make you a bespoke cycle shelter if you have a set design in mind. Simply get in touch with our team and tell us the dimensions, style and design you would like, and our experienced team will make the cycle shelter to your specific requirements.

Find The Best Cycle Shelter

As leading street furniture suppliers, you will find different styles in our range, including a Semi Vertical cycle shelter, which enables you to fit 12 bikes or more. This type of cycle shelter is a popular choice for large commercial and residential developments, including train stations, where there is a high demand for cycle shelters. The bike storage shelter has a roof and a side to protect the bikes from the rain, so cyclists don’t return to a wet seat and can ride away straightaway. Also, the semi vertical style of the cycle shelter means that you can fit more bikes in, with better covering.

With our Apollo York cycle shelter design, you can place singe units opposite or alongside each other, which can form a larger area to store bikes. Despite this cycle shelter not having as much protection as the semi vertical bike storage shelter, it still has a roof that can help to keep the bikes dry during poor weather conditions. The design of the cycle racks allows users to rest and padlock their bikes under the cycle shelter with ease, as they fit two bikes to every stand. The aesthetic of this cycle shelter is very appealing, especially with modern properties and developments.

We also have the Eco cycle shelter, with a variety of options as to how many racks you include in the shelter; from having the capacity to store 4 bikes through to 14 bikes and more. You can even choose whether to add side panels to the design for addition protection for the bikes, as well as the size of the bike storage shelter.

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Why Choose A Cycle Shelter?

By having a cycle shelter at your school, college, office, or wherever you wish to install one, this will help to encourage people to cycle instead of drive. In turn, this will not only benefit their health, but the environment too. Therefore, as a business, school or college, it would put you in a positive light, as you will be providing your students or staff with a place to leave their bikes and encouraging them to live a healthy lifestyle. What’s more, not everybody has a driving license, so by having a bike storage shelter, this will make your business, residential development or college appealing for people.

Additionally, bicycles can be expensive, so by having a bike storage shelter in place, people can be sure that their bikes will be left somewhere secure and safe.

If you would like more information about our range or you would like a bespoke bike storage shelter made, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, today.