Rhys Cycle Shelter

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The Rhys cycle shelter is a top-of-the-line shelter designed to cater to the needs of discerning buyers. It prioritizes strength, durability, and premium features that are typically found in more expensive shelters. Some of its notable features include:

  1. Strongbox Square Section Construction: The shelter is constructed using 60mm x 60mm strongbox square sections, ensuring robustness and stability.

  2. High-Quality Roof Sheets: The shelter is equipped with 5mm Pet-g UV2 roof sheets, which offer excellent durability and UV protection to keep the cycles protected from the elements.

  3. Full Cloaking System: The shelter comes with a full Cloaking system, providing additional security and protection against theft or unauthorized access.

  4. Style and Durability: The Rhys cycle shelter combines both style and durability, offering a visually appealing design while ensuring long-lasting performance.

  5. Standard and Custom Capacities: The shelter is available in standard capacities for up to 60 cycles. However, higher capacities can be ordered to meet specific requirements.

The Rhys cycle shelter stands out for its premium features and competitive pricing, offering a blend of quality, functionality, and aesthetics. For further information and details on ordering, it is recommended to contact the respective company or manufacturer responsible for the product.

Size Options

  • 10 Bikes - 4120mmL x 2457mmW x 2596mmH
  • 14 Bikes - 6147mmL x 2457mmW x 2596mmH
  • 20 Bikes - 8180mmL x 2457mmW x  2596MMH
  • 24 Bikes - 10207mmL x 2457mmW x 2596mmH


Above ground fixing

This method of fixing is ideally suited to erecting your product onto a solid base, such as a concrete slab or individual concrete pads. Your shelter comes with above ground fix adjustable feet which are bolted to the concrete base.

Please note this method of fixing is not recommended for paving slabs or block paving, or for tarmac, and whilst we will install an above ground fix product onto these surfaces, this is under the customer’s instruction or order, and is always at the customer’s own responsibility.

Below Ground fixing

This method of fixing is recommended for areas such as grassed areas, paving slabbed or block paving areas, or gravelled surfaces etc. We will supply you with below ground fix adjustable feet that need to be concreted in to suitably excavated holes in the ground. The depth and diameter of the holes required will be governed by the  ground conditions, so we are unable to provide specific specifications, but as a general guide each adaptor will require a minimum excavation of 600mm deep and 300mm diameter.

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Free delivery to England, Wales, and Southern Scotland. ( For delivery supplements to other UK and European destinations please contact us)

Estimated lead time: 4-5 weeks 


  • Free Delivery
  • Extreme Durability and Strength
  • High Quality Roof Sheets


  • 4-5 Week Delivery Time

PLEASE NOTE: Lead times are an estimate and orders placed today are subject to change depending upon material availability, courier workloads and Staff covid 19 situations. Speedy Street Solutions fully reserve the right to delay delivery due to any direct or indirect impact and without liability to any loss or financial penalty.

Rhys Cycle Shelter