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Keep Left Bollards

Maintaining road safety precautions both day and night, keep left bollards are illuminated for high visibility during all conditions. The purpose of night owl keep left bollards is to guide traffic in the right direction in areas where it may not be immediately clear, retaining a continuous flow of traffic whilst minimising the risk of any accidents occurring.

Common situations which are suitable for keep left bollards include traffic islands, making it apparent which way vehicles should pass from without the need to install a traffic road sign, street bollards and light source separately. Although they are not always a legal requirement, the addition of a keep left bollard reduces the likelihood of road users passing on the incorrect side and risking the safety of themselves and others.

Enhance Safety with Night Owl Keep Left Bollards

Designed for low maintenance and ongoing usage, keep left bollards are available in various designs and features to suit the surrounding environment. The box designs are ideal for central locations as they are highly visible from all angles, providing instruction for vehicles coming from all directions. Alternatively, the board designs suit two-way roads and take up little space, being appropriate in simpler scenarios.

To protect against being struck by vehicles, night owl keep left bollards are designed on a flexible base which springs back into position on impact. Although more powerful collisions have the potential to cause more damage, the flexibility of the keep left bollards mean both them and the vehicle involved are less likely to be harmed.

There are two forms of keep left bollard which can be chosen depending on the level of visibility required. Certain designs include an internal base light which internally illuminates the bollard for brightness during all times of the day. Alternatively, reflective boarding can be chosen which will illuminate as vehicle head lights reflect off of them, being a cheaper option which is suitable in scenarios with less traffic flow.

Our Range of Keep Left Bollards

As leading street furniture suppliers with years of experience in the industry, we offer an extensive range of night owl keep left bollards to suit all requirements. From designs with powerful base lights to low maintenance solar keep left bollards, browse our range to see what will work the best for your personal needs. As well as different lighting options, we stock various shapes and sizes with varying features so you can pick the night owl keel left bollard that fits in with its surroundings, having minimum impact on the landscape whilst enhancing safety measures.

If you have any questions about our range of night owl keep left bollards or would like some expert recommendations tailored to your unique requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always on hand to offer some friendly advice and help you find the most suitable keep left bollard for the situation at hand, ensuring you find exactly what you were looking for and more.

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Keep Left Bollards FAQs

What are keep left bollards?

Keep left bollards are effectively traffic bollards. Traffic bollards are used to help manage traffic and fulfil a secondary purpose of providing a convenient place to mount certain traffic signs. Keep left bollards feature a left arrow sign to help guide traffic.

What are keep left bollards made from?

Most keep left bollards are made from hard wearing plastic with a circular base that is tiered with a cylindrical column. The main façade features an illuminated reflective arrow sign can be seen night and day. If required the keep left bollard can also be equipped with other symbols, such as no entry, double arrows and more. Most of our keep left bollards are housed in a 100% recyclable shell.

In case you are looking for other types of bollards, at Speedy Street Solutions we boast a great range of bollard materials. We manufacture and supply bollards in a range of different materials, these include cast iron, cast aluminium, mild steel, polyurethane, concrete, stainless steel, recycled plastic, and timber. The material you choose will depend on your needs.

Where are keep left bollards best placed?

Keep left bollards are effectively traffic bollards and are best used in congested areas of traffic such as car parks which suffer inefficient traffic flow, or areas with poor traffic control. Keep left bollards are used since their shape, size and colour help guide traffic; and consequently, alleviate chaos that can lead to accidents. For example, they could also be used to mark the end of a parking stall, preventing drivers from backing into a wall.

How are keep left bollards installed into the ground?

Keep left bollards can either be used stand-alone or be used as over steel-and-concrete posts. They are highly durable bollards and are ideal for high traffic zones where potential impact is high risk.

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