MegaFlecta Traffic Bollard for Fast Roads

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The Mega Flecta Bollard is a retro-reflective self-righting bollard (RSRB). Which makes it superb for motorway use, due to its bright reflective signage visible at high speeds, as well as its ability to rebound.

The bollards are available in 2 height sizes to provide support for the 3 different sign diameters 450mm, 600mm, 750mm. The faster the road the bigger the sign you will need for maximum visibility.

The Mega Flecta is made of white polypropylene and is able to self-right due to the unique base system it is bolted to.


550 × 1200 mm

Bollard Material



Cast in Cage


White Polypropylene

Mounting Option

2 Posts, 3 Posts

Sign Face

Keep Left (D610), Pass Either Side (D611)

Sign Face Size

450mm, 600mm, 750mm


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MegaFlecta Traffic Bollard for Fast Roads