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Fold Down Bollards

For the perfect balance between security and accessibility, fold down bollards the ideal option. Our fold down traffic bollards are easy to use in driveways, private parking spaces, car parks and more, allowing you to have complete control over traffic access wherever you need it. Speedy Street Solutions have a great range of fold down bollards in the UK ready to be delivered to your home or business, including heavy duty fold down bollards and a choice of styles. The benefits of fold down parking bollards can be implemented without spoiling the aesthetics of your area.


Fold Down Traffic Bollards

At Speedy Street Solutions, we have an extensive range of street furniture available. From Sheffield cycle stands and industrial shelving to powder coated bollards and fold down bollards available for you to purchase online. Our range of fold down bollards in the UK includes attractive and safety-enhancing yellow fold down traffic bollards, a yellow and black banded style, galvanised and stainless-steel finishes, as well as a sleek black style. With such a great variety available, it’s easy to source heavy duty fold down bollards that best match the aesthetics of the area.

As well as offering unbeatable aesthetics, our fold down traffic bollards are incredibly easy to operate singlehandedly. They come with choice of integral locking system or a high-quality padlock and set of two keys, so you can keep one indoors and one in the car. To use the fold down bollards, simply remove the padlock and lower the post, then lift it up and lock in the upright position after use. Most have a lowered clearance of 102mm, which leaves plenty of space for most vehicles to pass over, but we also have countersunk fold down parking bollards which are flush with the ground when not in use.


Fold Down Bollards In The UK

Fold down parking bollards are a great alternative to standard street bollards, offering many of the same benefits with the bonus of being able to lower them out of the way when needed. Where parking spaces are in limited supply and you often have to pay for the privilege, our range of fold down bollards in the UK ensure that you are able to get the full use out of them, never having the frustration of someone taking your space.

Installing heavy duty fold down bollards can be completed by anyone with general ground working abilities, and minimal excavation is required for most styles. If you would like advice on installing the fold down traffic bollards, contact us and we will be more than happy to advise. Alternatively, we will be able to arrange for one of our professional fitters to complete this for you.

At Speedy Street Solutions, we design, manufacture, supply and fit fold down bollards in the UK and guarantee exceptional results every time. As well as this, we can provide you with a range of practical and attractive products, from seats and benches to cycle stands and more. Browse our extensive product range for everything you need to optimise your outdoor space, including communal gardens, urban spaces, rural settings and more.

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Fold Down Bollards FAQs

Can you place fold down bollards at your residential property?

To help prevent damage to your home, you can install security fold down bollards around your driveway areas. Often it is common for fold down bollards to be placed near the garage—if you tend to back into your garage, you may already know how easily you could misjudge the distance to the garage and accidentally drive into the building.

How do fold down bollards work?

Fold down bollards work by folding the post upright and securing in place with a lock, so compared to a retractable post, they are much simpler in technology. This means they are also much more affordable. At Speedy Street Solutions, we mainly supply fold-down bollards as they are cheaper and much faster to install, but we also offer, removable bollards and others made from timber and recycled plastic.

What are the main reasons for using fold down bollards?

Fold down bollards have several uses, including access control. They are also frequently used for reserving car parking spaces, adding restricted access zones to driveways, and acting as a visual deterrent for increased security.

How long will my order take to arrive?

At Speedy Street Solutions, we offer free delivery to England, Wales, and Southern Scotland. (For delivery supplements to any other UK and European destinations, please contact us). Under the current COVID 19, situation orders placed today may take up to 4-5 working weeks. This is subject to change depending upon courier workloads and availability - please get in touch with us for current lead times.

When using fold down bollards for restricted parking, where exactly in the parking space should it be installed?

Assuming it’s a regular parking space with easy entry and exit, we recommend fold down bollards to be installed about one-third of the way into the parking space. This generally is about 1000-1200 mm from the open end of the parking spot.
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