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Gate Barriers and Boom Barriers

Control access to your grounds with our range of barriers and gates, which are designed to suit a range of purposes. By installing gate barriers, the controlled point at the entrance to your site will mean you can manage who has access and create a deterrent for unauthorised vehicles or pedestrians who are unaware that the space is private property.

Boom Barriers and Gates

Boom barriers are a popular form of vehicle control, utilising a simple design that consists of a counterweighted arm which rises vertically to permit access. Most commonly, boom barriers are used in situations such as car parks, residential estates, and commercial sites where an operator raises the barrier to grant access to any vehicles who are permitted to pass, or alternatively, fobs can be used to open the barriers electronically.

With years of experience as Street Furniture Suppliers suppliers, we have created a range of products from Sheffield Cycle Stands and Telescopic Bollards to boom barriers that are designed to suit a variety of uses across different industries. Choose a size that suits your entrance, as well as different designs and fixing options to fit the purpose of your boom barriers. We offer both solar powered electronic gate barriers as well as more traditional designs which are ideal for small to medium sites.

How Do Boom Gates Work?

Boom gates, also known as boom barriers, operate on a simple mechanism that helps regulate vehicle access. A counterweighted arm is the most characteristic marker of this system, controlled to rise vertically to allow authorised vehicles to pass through. This mechanism is particularly common for car park gates, and gates for residential complexes and commercial sites where controlled access is most needed. Whether operated manually by an attendant or electronically via fobs or sensors, boom gates can efficiently manage the flow of traffic, offering a great solution for controlling entry and exit points.

Height Restrictors

Prevent vehicles over a certain height from entering with simple height restrictors that are designed to keep both your site and any entering vehicles safe. A second nudge pole hangs on chains below the structure of the height restrictors which alerts drivers that their vehicle is too tall without causing damage. Most commonly, height restrictors are installed at multi-storey car park entrances, retail car parks and private residential roads which are unsuitable for larger vehicles such as trucks, caravans and vans. In the case of a situation which makes an exception, such as an emergency vehicle or removal van, the height restrictors can easily be rotated to allow access. We recommend buying the necessary signage to ensure that it is made clear what heights are permitted and implement a sensible speed limit.

Gate Barriers Designed to Suit You

To ensure you can find the perfect solution for your site, we offer a wide selection of designs. Once you have chosen the best gate barriers or height restrictors, choose from our range of common sizes which are designed in accordable to the most popular specifications. Depending on the nature of your site, we also offer the option to install permanent fixings in concrete so your gate barriers are suitable for heavy duty use in situations such as industrial sites. If you would like any professional recommendations for any of our boom barriers or gates, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always available to answer any questions you may have or help you find the perfect solution for your requirements, going above and beyond to ensure you find just what you are looking for.

How Reliable Are Our Gates and Barriers?

At Speedy Street Solutions, reliability is at the core of our products, including our boom gates and barriers. Designed for durability and longevity, our boom gates can stand strong against the test of time and whatever environmental elements they may endure. Whether you go for our traditional gate barriers or want to install our newer boom barriers, rest assured that each unit is built to withstand the rigours of daily use. Our commitment to quality extends beyond your initial purchase, and we promise that you’ll deal with minimal maintenance requirements for years to come. With the choice of a galvanised finish or a powder coating, our gates and barriers have a robust aesthetic appeal, which will contribute to the professionalism of your premises. Trust in Speedy Street Solutions for gates and barriers that prioritise reliability without compromising on performance.

How Safe are Our Car Park and Entrance Barriers?

Safety is our top priority when it comes to car park gates and entrance barriers, and at Speedy Street Solutions, we care about the protection of both your property and any individuals using our barriers. Our height barriers offer a simple yet effective solution to prevent oversized vehicles from entering restricted areas, which should help reduce the risk of unnecessary accidents and damage. Equipped with a secondary nudge pole, our height barriers are a great visual indicator to drivers, alerting them to height restrictions without causing harm to their vehicles when they try to pass through. Our gate and boom barriers are made with safety features that ensure smooth operation while mitigating the risk of accidents or malfunctions. If you have any more questions related to the safety of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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Boom Barrier FAQs

Do boom barriers require much maintenance?

We design our gate barriers with a galvanised finish or powder coating to offer you the best quality product possible. Being made to withstand the elements, you can be sure that your gate barriers are designed to last. If you want to keep your boom barriers looking newer for longer, using a microfibre cloth with stainless steel cleaner in gentle buffing motions will leave it looking shiny and new.

What sizes are gate barriers available in?

No business is the same, so we appreciate that every customer is looking for a different solution. For this reason, we produce gate barriers in a range of the most common sizes so you can pick out the best fit for your site. Should you need boom barriers in a different size, get in touch to discuss bespoke solutions.

What is the difference between boom barriers and height restrictors?

A boom barrier is a form of vehicle control which blocks the road to prevent unauthorised access, with an operator raising the arm to grant access to permitted vehicles. A height restrictor is designed to prevent vehicles over a certain height from accessing your site, normally in situations such as car parks or residential estates where large vehicles will not fit.

Why do they call it a boom gate?

The term “boom gate” refers to the characteristic arm (or “boom”) that is the most prominent feature of this type of gate system. This boom is typically counterweighted and operates by rising to allow authorised vehicles to pass through while blocking access to unauthorised ones.

How do parking gates work?

Parking gates have a motorised system that controls the movement of a horizontal arm, which is raised or lowered to permit or restrict vehicle access. Access can be managed manually by an attendant or electronically through various methods such as key cards, remote controls, or license plate recognition systems.

What is the difference between a bollard and a barrier?

A bollard is a sturdy, vertical post often made of metal or concrete, primarily used to control or direct traffic flow and provide physical protection to buildings, pedestrians, or infrastructure. On the other hand, a barrier is a type of structure designed to block or control access, such as gates, boom barriers, or height barriers. Bollards are typically stationary and used for perimeter protection, while barriers can be movable and used for both access control and security.

What is the difference between a gate and a barrier?

A gate is a movable structure that opens and closes to allow or restrict passage. A barrier, on the other hand, is a broader term that includes any structure or obstacle used to block, control, or regulate access. While gates are a specific type of barrier designed for passage, barriers can include fences, bollards, or boom barriers.

How long is the lifespan of a gate barrier?

The lifespan of a gate barrier can vary depending on the quality of materials used, frequency of use, maintenance practices, and environmental conditions. A well-maintained gate barrier can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years or more. It’s possible to extend its lifespan with regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and prompt repairs.

What are the 5 types of security barriers?

Security barriers come in various forms, each serving specific purposes in controlling access and enhancing security. The five common types of security barriers include:

  1. Boom barriers
  2. Bollards
  3. Gates (swing gates, sliding gates)
  4. Height restrictors
  5. Turnstiles or access control systems

Each type offers unique features and benefits, catering to different security needs and requirements.

What is the purpose of the barrier gate?

The primary purpose of a barrier gate is to control or regulate vehicle and pedestrian access to a specific area, such as parking lots, private driveways, or restricted zones. A barrier gate can improve your site security by preventing unauthorised entry, managing traffic flow, and providing a visible deterrent to potential trespassers.

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