Tree Grilles And Tree Protection

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  1. 250mm tree guard

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  2. 450mm tree guard

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  3. Cast Iron Sunburst Tree Grille - 1000mm x 1000mm

    £454.20 £378.50
  4. Cast Iron Sunburst Tree Grille - 1400mm x 1400mm

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  5. Cast Iron Maze Tree Grille 1000mm x 1000mm

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  6. Cast Iron Maze Tree Grille 1200mm x 1200mm

    £634.85 £529.04
  7. Cast Iron Maze Tree Grille 1400mm x 1400mm

    £814.43 £678.69
  8. Cast Iron Outbreak Tree Grille - 1000mm x 1000mm

    £534.12 £445.10
  9. Cast Iron Outbreak Tree Grille - 1200mm x 1200mm

    £759.31 £632.76
  10. Cast Iron Outbreak Tree Grille - 1400mm x 1400mm

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The simple design of a tree grille can go a long way, protecting trees in urban areas or communal spaces by keeping their roots away from potential damage. In areas such as pedestrian foot paths, outdoor shopping centres, public car parks and by commercial complexes where there is a large number of vehicles or pedestrians passing by, the harsh environment can have a negative impact on the greenery.

A cast iron tree grille is designed using the most durable of materials which offer a high level of protection whilst maintaining its condition through the extreme weather conditions or excessive wear from passing traffic. When you buy tree grilles from reputable street furniture suppliers, they can last in excess of 100 years and make a great lifelong investment for the landscape so you do not have to worry about installing poor looking tree guards.

Our Range of Cast Iron Tree Grilles

Our combination of high quality tree grilles combine durable properties with aesthetic designs, making a great addition to urban landscapes so you can find a tree grille to suit your surroundings without any issue. From the classic round daisy tree grille with a simple and dainty design to the meze tree grille with a contemporary geometric design, achieve the same results whilst finding a product that fits into your landscape.

We have seen landscape transformations in heritage, conservation and urban areas who all share the same aim of protecting trees from their surroundings and allowing them to flourish without damage from external factors. When trying to incorporate some greenery into a built up space, whether that be protecting existing trees or planting new ones, ensuring it can thrive in the conditions with cast iron tree grilles will help them thrive.

Deciding on the Best Tree Grille

When looking to implement an effective solution, in many cases a tree grille offers a much better alternative to other options such as a plastic tree trap which can embed into the growing tree and leave permanent damage where the tree is unable to expand. We have seen that the more eye-catching geometric patterns are a big hit in urban environments such as town centres as they become a feature of the surroundings and suit the surrounding architecture rather than having to compromise on aesthetics.

When opting for cast iron tree grilles, the sustainable choice is ideal for long term use. Cast iron is 100% recyclable but is unlikely to be requiring a replacement; the durability of the material means it can last up to a century without rusting or deteriorating in condition.

If you are unsure on the best tree grilles for your situation, we are more than happy to offer you some professional advice or answer any queries you may have. We pride ourselves on finding a solution that works for everyone so offer a range of unique designs and different size options so you can find a tree grille that will last.

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