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Illuminated Bollards

Illuminated bollards provide increased security for private and public properties. As a private landowner, you may not be considering the full potential of having a few illuminated bollards running down the edges of your driveway. But the constant illumination of bollard lights for driveways is a perfect safety feature.

Having a light on near vehicles is recommended because lights signal to us that someone is watching that space. It’s a great deterrent to unfriendly behaviour and can help your property look more polished at night. Lighting bollards provide a continuous level of low light to make the area visible.

At Speedy Street Solutions, our range varies from simple and affordable illuminated bollards for homeowners to heavy-duty lighting bollards which are designed as a durable solution to outdoor lighting around carparks and other public areas.

Choose From Our Illuminated Bollards

With so many great illuminated bollards to choose from, let us help you break down which lighting bollards are ideal for your needs. Whether you decide on a metal bollard or plastic bollard, there’s a design to suit all outdoor environments; keeping areas illuminated to help with any other security measures you happen to be overseeing. Bollard lights for driveways are great, but lighting bollards can also be used to illuminate walkways and paths at night. Keeping pedestrians safe is extremely important when they’re on public property.

If you’re searching for a heavy-duty commercial solution for your business, we recommend the dusk to dawn illumination bollards. This option uses a professional root mount system for extra stability, with an underground mounting bar that acts as an anchor. These illuminated bollards are suitable for driveways and car parks, pathways, golf courses, and any other areas which require a higher level of light but need to be extremely durable.

Domestic driveways may be better served by our surface-mounted Lighthouse Bollard Lights. These won’t require you to have the bollard root installed underground so they’ll be up and running quickly. They can be ordered in green or black, giving you two options to help blend the post in with its surroundings and not take away from the natural beauty of your home.

Alternatively, we also offer Lighthouse Bollard Lights with a root mount system. Root mount systems ensure that your lighting bollard stays fixed in place and they’re suitable for properties that need a more durable option.

You could go with an environmentally friendly option like the Eccentrica. These bollard lights are angled solar path lights that are powered entirely by solar energy. The solar panel on these illuminated bollards converts natural light into an electrical current, which provides a continuous glow in the dark with no running costs. The angled head also keeps rainwater from sitting on the solar panel.

We could list every one of our lighting bollards here and tell you why it would suit your purpose or where the best place for them is, but we highly recommend contacting our team at Speedy Street Solutions to talk about your options if you are struggling to pick the right illuminated bollards for you. You see, bollard lights are useful pieces of street furniture to have in so many more places than just driveways or car parks. They light up areas in a soft glow, allowing pedestrians to move freely at night without worrying about walking into anything or tripping on some unseen object.

Quality Illuminated Bollards from Speedy Street Solutions

Above all else, we at Speedy Street Solutions believe in safety and quality. Our products have been supplied to a range of clients over the years, and we remain confident that we can help you find the best lighting bollards for you to use.

If your situation is unique and requires a bespoke solution to our existing illuminated bollards, contact our team to discuss your requirements and we can provide a custom alternative built just for you. We ensure that our lighting bollards are designed and manufactured to be long-lasting and durable; maintaining their quality for years to come. You can always speak to one of the Speedy Street Solutions team with any queries about our bollard lights for driveways and other areas, or for a no-obligation quote for your bespoke project.

Contact Speedy Street Solutions today to discuss bollard lights for driveways, pathways, roads, and any other private or public property that you need safety lighting for.

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Illuminated Bollards FAQs

Why are illuminated bollards so popular?

Illuminated bollards are popular among homeowners because they can be used to light up walkways and landscaping. Some can be camouflaged into the existing greenery for a more minimalist look if you decide to buy green lighting bollards rather than white, silver, or black. By doing this, you can still have the light but the bollard itself isn’t as obvious. Of course, if you’re intending on using the bollards to mark a pathway, road, or driveway in a public space, it’s better to have the entire lighting bollard on show. Road bollards are particularly important to assist drivers at night when visibility is low and can be used in combination with verge protection posts to boost safety on the road. Bollards can also mark out the end of a walkway to keep the public safe. Illuminated bollards are quite aesthetically pleasing in appearance and are becoming increasingly popular as they offer several benefits and a gorgeous ambience at the same time. Most illuminated bollards don’t take up much space, which makes them the perfect solution for illuminating walkways, parking lots, and building entrances. Their real advantages are seen at night as their light offers a deterrent and is pleasing to the eye, while they provide a bit of extra security to your home or business.

What types of materials are bollards available in?

At Speedy Street Solutions, we manufacture and supply lighting bollards in a range of different materials. These include cast iron, cast aluminium, mild steel, polyurethane, concrete, stainless steel, timber, and recycled plastic. The material you choose will depend on your needs, but we’re happy to chat with you about what you’re looking for and help you find a lighting solution.

Are illuminated bollards environmentally friendly?

Illuminated bollards that use LED bulbs emit almost zero ultraviolet and infrared radiation. There are also no toxic chemicals used in their manufacturing. They are considered to be one of the safest light source solutions around, and you can go even further by ordering solar-powered lighting bollards instead of regular electric ones.

Can you get solar-powered illuminated bollards?

Yes. At Speedy Street Solutions, we have a few solar-powered lighting bollards available for your viewing pleasure. We aim to give our clients a good range of options when they’re selecting their preferred illuminated bollards, so it was only natural that we designed several eco-friendly solutions. If you’re looking for those specific lighting bollards, try the Eccentrica, Litecharga, SOL-ICON, OLYMPIA, Panama, or the Guarda. Each has its own benefits as a solar-powered lighting solution to regular lighting bollards, but the features they all share are the reduction in running cost and their environmentally friendly nature.

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