Illuminated Bollards

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  1. Steel Bollard - Path Light

    As low as £50.40 £42.00
  2. 316 – Marine Grade Stainless Steel Path Light

    sss316 – L
    £126.00 £105.00
  3. LITETOWER – Aluminium Bollard Light (Surface Mounted)

    As low as £120.00 £100.00
  4. Lighthouse Bollard Light (Surface Mounted) Green or Black

    New Lighthouse Bollard Light (Surface Mounted) Green or Black
    As low as £112.80 £94.00
  5. Lighthouse Bollard Light – Root Mount System

    £186.00 £155.00
  6. Pro Solar Litecharga – 800mm Solar Bollard Light

    Pro Solar Litecharga – 800mm Solar Bollard Light
    £258.00 £215.00
  7. Pro Solar SOL-ICON – Two Sided PIR Solar Path Light

    Pro Solar SOL-ICON – Two Sided PIR Solar Path Light
    £306.00 £255.00
  8. Pro Solar OLYMPIA – Large Solar Wall Light

    Pro Solar OLYMPIA – Large Solar Wall Light
    £222.00 £185.00
  9. Pro Solar Panama – 800mm Solar Bollard Lights

    Pro Solar Panama – 800mm Solar Bollard Lights
    £270.00 £225.00
  10. Pro Solar OLYMPIA – 380mm Solar Pedestal Light

    Pro Solar OLYMPIA – 380mm Solar Pedestal Light
    £222.00 £185.00
  11. Pro Solar Guarda – Vandal Resistant Solar Bollard Light

    Pro Solar Guarda – Vandal Resistant Solar Bollard Light
    £276.00 £230.00
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Illuminated bollards are ideal for a variety of uses, providing increased security and safety for both private properties and public areas. Their constant illumination in the dark provides a continuous low level of light to make the area visible. Our range varies from simple illuminated bollards which are ideal for lighting up the driveway in your home, to heavy-duty illuminated bollards which are built from the underground upwards to create a durable solution for public areas and industrial lighting.


Speedy Street Solutions are street furniture suppliers and manufacture a wide range of street furniture for a whole host of outdoor needs. From stainless steel security bollards and traffic road signs to cycle stands and bike storage shelters, we can create a solution for the most complex of needs. We also offer bespoke solutions for unique situations, with the customer always at the heart of what we do.


Our Range of Illuminated Bollards


There are multiple illuminated bollards to choose from, with a design to suit all outdoor environments. Keeping areas illuminated is often essential for security purposes, deterring any unusual activity, as well as keeping people safe by keeping walkways illuminated.


If searching for a heavy-duty commercial solution, we recommend the dusk to dawn illumination bollards. This option uses a professional ‘in-ground’ root mount system for additional stability from the underground mounting bar, acting as an anchor. These robust illuminated bollards are suitable for driveways, pathways and golf courses, areas which require a higher level of light but need to heavily durable.


The Lighthouse bollard lights are the newest addition to our range of illuminated bollards. This is a very versatile option customised to your requirements; with a choice of head styles, heights and colours to choose from. We recommend these illuminated bollards for many applications, from domestic driveways to sectioned areas within commercial properties. Their heavy-duty aluminium cast is completely rustproof and non-corrosive for a long lasting solution.


For a more environmentally friendly and economic option, the Eccentrica angled solar path light runs purely off natural energy. The solar panel on our illuminated bollards converts natural light into electrical current providing a continuous glow in the dark with no running costs. The top is angled to keep the rain water from sitting on the solar panel and prevents people from using the illuminated bollards for leaning/ sitting.


Quality Illuminated Bollards Solutions


From our years of expertise providing quality illuminated bollards to a whole range of clients, we are confident we can recommend the ideal option for your outdoor furniture needs. If your situation is unique and requires a bespoke solution, contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide a custom alternative built perfectly for you. We ensure our illuminated bollards and designed and manufactured to be long-lasting, maintaining their quality for years to come. You can always speak to one of the Speedy Street Solutions team with any queries or for a no-obligation quote for your project.

Illuminated Bollards FAQs

Why are illuminated bollards so popular?

Illuminated bollards are very popular among homeowners as they can be used to light up walkways and landscaping. Indeed, they can be used in the back garden to help show off landscaping and they come in various sizes to suit different places.

They are particularly aesthetically pleasing in appearance, while also acting as a barrier within your garden and walkways. Illuminated bollards are becoming increasingly popular as they offer several benefits and a gorgeous ambiance at the same time. Most illuminated bollards are slimline and therefore don’t take up much space, illuminating walkways, parking lots and entrances.

In the day time, their light isn’t needed but they act as great boundaries for outdoor spaces around the house.

Their real advantages are seen at night as their light offers a deterrent and is pleasing to the eye, while they provide security to your home or business.

What types of materials are bollards available in?

At Speedy Street solutions, we manufacture and supply bollards in a range of different materials, these include cast iron, cast aluminium, mild steel, polyurethane, concrete, stainless steel, recycled plastic, and timber. The material you choose will depend on your needs.

Are illuminated bollards environmentally friendly?

Illuminated bollards that use LED bulbs emit almost zero ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Moreover, no toxic chemicals, like mercury and phosphorus, are used in its manufacturing. Therefore, it is considered one of the safest light sources. Consequently, LED illuminated bollards are considered non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Can you get solar powered illuminated bollards?

Yes, at Speedy Street Solutions we have The Litecharga Solar Bollard Light. It is designed to look like a standard, mains commercial bollard light. At dusk, the solar bollard light will illuminate at full brightness, and then follow a gradual dimming sequence until it reaches 30% brightness after 5 hours. From then on it will remain at 30% until dawn. As a result, battery charge is retained for longer than other alternatives sequences. Even in the dullest of weather, our solar lights will still illuminate, although they may not last the entire night cycle, which in many cases is not a necessity.

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