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  1. Scooter parking stand for 5 scooters

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  3. Scooter parking stand for 2 scooters

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With a range of scooter stands to suit a variety of spaces, offer a dedicated space for visitors to keep scooters secure at your property. Whether you are looking for scooter racks for offices, schools, leisure facilities or train stations, as leading street furniture suppliers, we provide scooter stands in a size to suit.

Dependant on the demand for scooter storage at your location, choose from either single or double sided scooter stands which can be installed in an area of your choice. Our scooter stand designs are made to be unobtrusive and elegant, fitting into their surroundings without causing an unsightly storage solution.

Versatile Scooter Stands

Our scooter racks are made to suit all different shapes and sizes; find the ideal option for full sized adult scooters, children’s models and even electric scooters. All that owners will require is a simple padlock and cable which can be secured to the scooter rack, providing them with peace of mind that their pride and joy will be safe all day long.

Perfect for offering a secure storage location after the school run, our scooter rack for schools is a popular choice amongst properties which are visited by large numbers of children. With the option of locating this scooter stand against a wall with 10 singe slots or offering double the storage with 20 stands across both sides, finding a space for these scooter racks should not be a problem. Offering your choice of 14 different colours, blend your new scooter stand in with its surroundings and create an attractive yet practical new addition.

For a more discreet option where scooter storage is not as in demand, our scooter parking stand for 2 scooters is more appropriate. Ideal for workplaces, public spaces and institutions, this scooter stand is manufactured in high grade steel with plastic coated clamps to prevent any scratching. Only a simple padlock will be required by users, allowing them to store their scooters when not in use without having to carry around any heavy equipment.

Affordable Scooter Racks

At Speedy Street Solutions, we strive to offer a range of high quality scooter racks which are carefully designed and manufactured to offer long lasting solutions. We pride ourselves on keeping our prices affordable for our customers, creating cost effective scooter stands which offer effective security solutions without the excessive price tag. If you are looking to order scooter racks in bulk, please get in touch as we offer discounted rates on bulk orders to keep our prices even lower.

If you have any queries or inquiries about any of our scooter stands, do not hesitate to contact us today to speak to a member of our expert team. We have years of experience providing effective solutions and are on hand to help decide on the best approach for your requirements. If you have a unique situation which will require one of a kind scooter racks, we are able to manufacture bespoke products to suit your property perfectly.


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