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  1. Plastic Edge Curved Bench

    Plastic Edge Curved Bench
    As low as £201.60 £168.00
  2. Curved Timber Bench

    Curved Timber Bench
    As low as £420.00 £350.00
  3. Backless Bench

    Backless Bench
    As low as £277.00 £230.83
  4. Ponti Bench

    The Ponti bench is styled and made from solid hardwood with a galvanised and powder coated steel frame. Suitable for outdoor urban settings or indoor commercial complexes.

    £540.00 £450.00
  5. Traditional Bench

    Traditionally-styled, heavy duty hardwood bench

    As low as £537.77 £448.14
  6. Plastic Planter Seat

    Plastic Planter Seat
    As low as £565.20 £471.00
  7. Cabtree timber and steel bench

    Cabtree timber and steel bench
    £660.00 £550.00
  8. Straight Stainless Steel Bench

    Straight Stainless Steel Bench
    £958.80 £799.00
  9. Plastic Fully Moulded Bench

    The Recycled Plastic Fully Moulded Bench perfectly suited for use in school benches, park benches etc.

    As low as £244.80 £204.00
  10. Recycled Plastic Metal Framed Bench

    Recycled Plastic Planter Seat Bench
    £346.80 £289.00
  11. Plastic Sloper Bench

    Our Sloper bench is ideal for parks, town centres, golf courses & outdoor leisure facilities and private gardens.

    As low as £408.00 £340.00
  12. Traditional Seat

    Elegant, traditionally-styled, heavy duty hardwood seats for public areas

    As low as £564.42 £470.35
  13. Brae Seat

    Timber Seats & Benches
    As low as £660.56 £550.47
  14. Curved Stainless Steel Seat

    Curved Stainless Steel Seat
    £1,140.00 £950.00
  15. Oxley Bench

    Street Timber & Steel Bench
    £1,440.00 £1,200.00
  16. Octagon Timber Bench

    New Octagon Timber Bench
    Octagon Timber Bench
    As low as £961.58 £801.32
  17. Recycled Plastic Edge Bench

    Recycled Plastic Edge Bench

    Recycled Plastic Edge Bench
    £178.80 £149.00
  18. Box Bench

    The Box Bench is part of our best selling, all-timber Box range, combining a simple natural appearance with the durability of construction to deter against damage or vandalism.


    Note: Please email for bulk shipping discount 


    Box Bench
    £426.36 £355.30
  19. Gallery Seat

    Available in a variety of designs to suit individual taste. Manufactured from high quality seasoned timber that’s been carefully selected to be free of knots, this timber is graded for quality, comfort and strength. The traditional range is precision constructed with machined components and hand finished to give them that extra special touch.

    £555.79 £463.16
  20. Box Seat

    By far our best seller! Very popular with landscapers, these seats are the perfect solution if you are looking for a natural seat that blends in with the environment.

    Box Seat
    £570.86 £475.72
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