Rig untreated wood & galvanised seat

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Rig untreated wood & galvanised seat

  1. Length: 1800 mm

    • The overall length of the bench is 1800 millimeters.
  2. Structure: steel 80 mm wide and 8 mm deep

    • The frame or structure of the bench is made of steel.
    • The steel pieces are 80 millimeters wide and 8 millimeters deep.
    • This suggests a sturdy and durable construction.
  3. Seat and back: untreated wood

    • The seat and backrest of the bench are made of untreated wood.
    • "Untreated" typically means the wood has not undergone any chemical processes or finishes. It is in its natural state.
  4. Mounting: on base plates

    • The bench is mounted or installed on base plates.
    • Base plates are likely used for stability and anchoring the bench to the ground.

In summary, you have a bench with a steel frame, untreated wood for the seat and back, a length of 1800 mm, and it is mounted on base plates. This combination suggests a design that prioritizes both durability (due to the steel frame) and a natural aesthetic (due to the untreated wood). The use of base plates indicates a consideration for stability and secure installation.


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Rig untreated wood & galvanised seat