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Traffic Mirrors

Blind spot mirrors are designed to provide a better view of oncoming traffic for drivers in spots with poor visibility. Whether it be sharp bends, car parks or industrial sites, road safety mirrors can be strategically placed in hazardous locations so all traffic is made aware of any dangers. The curved lens of safety mirrors creates a wider view of the surrounding area so drivers can carefully manoeuvre with the knowledge that no other vehicles are approaching. Not only that, but 360° observe mirrors provide indoor safety too, ideal for keeping an eye on customers in a store.

As experienced street furniture suppliers who have developed plenty of solutions to enhance road safety from fold down bollards to road traffic signs, you can browse our range with confidence you'll find products to suit you.

Types of Blind Spot Mirrors

We stock various traffic mirrors designed for different purposes, all improving visibility, so you can improve the safety of your grounds.

The standard design of safety mirrors entails a curved mirror in a high visibility acrylic frame which is easy to spot for motorists. They can be easily implemented in public areas to control traffic flow or on private industrial sites where forklift trucks and lorries operate in tight spaces.

Our panoramic road safety mirrors offer a 360° view of areas with a high pedestrian flow. Unlike traffic mirrors, they are used indoors as a safety measure to ensure operations are running smoothly and prevent the chance of theft. Common uses of panoramic blind spot mirrors include retail stores, hospitals, indoor car parks and warehouses. A 360° observe mirror is a must for every shop or store.

Each of our blind spot mirrors is designed with various features to suit their surroundings. For outdoor areas, IceFree mirrors use specialist materials which regulate the temperature of the mirror surface to prevent ice and condensation from forming and impacting the functionality of the safety mirrors. By preventing an ice build up during temperatures as low as -20°C, nobody needs to worry about having to scrape away the ice and snow during the cold months.

Where to Place Road Safety Mirrors

The simple design of traffic mirrors makes them easy to implement with minimal disruption. The centre of the mirror, where the mirror protrudes, is the focal point which should be angled as a central point. As the light hits the centre, the mirror highlights this point and provides a view of the surrounding areas. The wide angle is ideal for more complex areas where it can be hard to see beyond a certain point.

Here at Speedy Street Solutions, our blind spot mirrors come with mounting brackets which are adjustable to suit the stainless steel posts. The durability of the materials makes the traffic mirrors virtually indestructible so you can implement a long-lasting solution that is designed to withstand the test of time against the elements.

If you would like any advice on the type of blind spot mirrors and road safety mirrors available, please do not hesitate to get in touch for some expert recommendations tailored to your personal requirements. 

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Traffic Mirror FAQs

How do traffic mirrors work?

Traffic mirrors are curved mirrors – they are formally known as convex mirrors. This is where the mirrored surface bulges towards the light source and can create a quarter, half, or full bird's eye perspective in the reflection. This allows the viewer to see far more than standard mirrors.

Where do you place a traffic mirror?

Usually, these mirrors are mounted to a wall or ceiling at points where hallways cross each other or make a sharp turn. This eliminates blind spots and provides people with a good overview of their surroundings. The convex mirror is also used to provide safety for motorists on roads, driveways and alleys where there is a lack of visibility. A 360° observe mirror does the same indoors by showing a view of other aisles in a retail store or shop for added security.

Why are convex mirrors used for traffic safety?

Convex traffic mirrors are placed on the roadside to help drivers navigate blind spots successfully. Homeowners whose driveways may be on a bend might put them at the exit, so they know the road is clear before they pull out. Convex mirrors may also be positioned outside busy schools where visibility is limited, or at busy junctions so cars can navigate the area more safely.

How high should I mount my traffic mirror?

Ideally, having the mirror at eye level is the best position. If the traffic mirror is placed too high, it may cause eye strain for those looking into it.

How can you use traffic mirrors and CCTV simultaneously for additional security?

Convex mirrors are often used in tandem with other security features, such as CCTV systems, so you can extend the field of view. Though CCTV cameras are available in several different types of models, there are still areas and corners that are as close as a blind spot.

If you combine a CCTV camera with the strategic placement of a convex mirror, you can make both devices synergize to an extent. You increase the field of view for the area to watch over while capturing everything on footage.

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