Access Control Posts & Barriers

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  1. Column Protectors

    Column Protectors provide effective protection of columns and pillars against costly damage caused by forklift trucks, transport vehicles, HGV’s etc.

    Column Protectors
  2. Door Protection Hoop - Perforated Infill

    Door Protection Hoop - Perforated Infill

    Door Protection Hoop - Perforated Infill
  3. Heras Fence Panel Kits (Minimum order quantity 8)

    Our Heras fence panel kits come complete with a Heras trade temporary mesh fence panel, an 18kg foot and 2 couplers to attache the fences together.

    Heras Trade Fence Panel (Minimum order quantity 8)
  4. Walk-Through Barriers

    Walk-through barriers are increasingly used to create a health and safety inspectors dream finish on construction sites whilst also fully complying with current guidance.

    Buy Walk-Through Barriers
  5. Crowd Barrier Weights

    Crowd Barrier Weights

    Crowd Barrier Weights
  6. Door Protection Barrier

    Door Protection Barrier
  7. Door Protection Barrier with Cross Bar

    Door Protection Barrier with Cross Bar
  8. Door Barrier

    Door Barrier
  9. Hoop Traffic Bollard

    Hoop traffic sign bollard with is the ideal solution for locations which clearly need to inform the public of a specific highway instruction

  10. Lamp Post Protector

    Lamp Post Protector
  11. Pole & column protectors

    Pole & column protectors
  12. Lamp Post Protector (split)

    Lamp Post Protector (split)
  13. Pedestrian Standard Guardrail

    Pedestrian Standard Guardrail
    As low as £53.03
  14. Pedestrian Sight Gap Guardrail

    Pedestrian Sight Gap Guardrail
    As low as £63.03
  15. Crowd Barriers

    Heavy-duty crowd control barriers offer the sturdiest crowd control barrier we have come across. Incoporating our reinforced feet with Smartweld technology, these barriers are longer lasting when compared to standard barriers.

  16. Works Barriers

    These traffic-line works barriers are manufactured in HDPE material which is UV resistant, and is coloured bright orange with red/white reflective panels which makes them highly visible in day or night conditions.

  17. Economy Retractable Belt Barrier

    Economy Belt Barrier is ideal for use as a barrier or guidance system, and is easily and quickly deployed for use as footpath marking or where traffic areas require to be cordoned off.

  18. Stainless Steel Retractable Belt Posts

    Stainless Steel Retractable Belt Posts are a stylish method of queue management suitable for a wide variety of applications. They are highly adaptable to changing circumstances and requirements.

  19. Traffic Line Flexible Post

    Our Flexible Posts are a lightweight cylinder used to guide traffic or provide warning of approaching hazards.

  20. Pallet Racking Protection

    Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Protectors protect vulnerable pallet racking uprights and end frames from potentially dangerous damage from fork lift trucks etc. Also ideal for protecting corners of building, doorways etc.

  21. Hoop Barriers

    Hoop Barriers
  22. Collision Protection Bars

    Collision Protection bars can also be used to protect shelving and wall mounted equipment such as instruments, switch cabinets, first aid equipment etc.

    As low as £28.97
  23. Gate Barrier

    Gate Barriers

  24. COMPACT Boom Barrier with Gas damper

    This COMPACT Boom Barrier with Gas damper is a re-design of our System Boom Barrier, which has retained the gas-strut operated action, but has a completely new locking system, boom arm and pivot post. The result is an easily operated barrier with a modern streamlined appearance.

  25. COMPACT Barrier Gates

     COMPACT Barrier Gates 

  26. COMPACT Access Height Restrictor - Pivot

    COMPACT Access Height Restrictor – Pivot action

  27. Counterweight Boom Barrier

    System Boom Barrier - Counterweight Style is highly functional yet presents a modern streamlined appearance that will complement any building.

  28. Access Height Restrictor - Fixed

    Access Height Restrictor – Fixed is a Strong steel and aluminium construction ideal for restricting access to vans, commercial vehicles, caravans, motorhomes etc. to car parks, traffic lanes, etc. Chain suspended nudge bars can reduce height by a further 400mm.

  29. COMPACT Electronic Boom Barrier, Red and White Boom Barrier

    COMPACT Electronic Boom Barrier

  30. 360° Column Protector

    360° Column Protector provides all-round 360° protection against damage from collision for free-standing posts, columns and masts.

  31. Square Lamp Post Protectors

    Square Lamp Post Protectors

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