Access Control Posts & Barriers

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  1. Key Clamps
    Key Clamps

    Starting at £1.68 £1.40

  2. Access Barrier
    Access Barrier
    £954.00 £795.00
  3. Forecourt Barriers
    Forecourt Barriers
    £0.00 £0.00
  4. Perimeter barriers
    Perimeter barriers
    £78.60 £65.50
  5. steel hoop guard
    Free Delivery
    Steel Hoop Guards
    £204.00 £170.00
  6. Angled corner safety barrier
    Angled corner safety barrier
    £238.90 £199.08
  7. Premier Access Control Turnstile
    Premier Access Control Turnstile
    £2,754.00 £2,295.00
  8. Sentry Access Control Half Height Turnstile
    Sentry Access Control Half Height Turnstile
    £2,370.00 £1,975.00
  9. Removable Hoop Barrier Powder Coated Blue
    Removable Hoop Barrier Powder Coated
    £367.20 £306.00
  10. Removable Hoop Barrier Galvanised
    Removable Hoop Barrier Galvanised
    £369.60 £308.00
  11. Column Protector Example
    Free Delivery
    Column Protectors
    £543.59 £452.99
  12. Door Protection Stop
    Door Protection Hoop - Perforated Infill
    £234.00 £195.00
  13. Red Walk-Through Barrier
    Walk-Through Barrier with gate
    £152.32 £126.93
  14. Door Protection Barrier
    Door Protection Barrier
    £95.99 £79.99
  15. Door protection Barrier
    Door Protection Barrier with Cross Bar
    £108.00 £90.00
  16. Steel Hoop Door Barrier
    Steel Hoop Door Barrier
    £103.20 £86.00
  17. Bulk Hoop Traffic Bollard
    Hoop Traffic Bollard
    £151.30 £126.08
  18. Lamp Post Protector
    Lamp Post Protector
    £90.90 £75.75
  19. Pole & column protectors
    Pole & column protectors
    £100.80 £84.00
  20. Yellow lamppost protector
    Lamp Post Protector (split)
    £189.60 £158.00
  21. Pedestrian Railing
    Pedestrian Standard Guardrail
    As low as £83.94 £69.95
  22. Pedestrian Sight Gap Guardrail
    Pedestrian Sight Gap Guardrail
    As low as £89.99 £74.99
  23. Crowd Barriers
    Crowd Barriers
    £59.60 £49.67
  24. Works Barriers
    Works Barriers
    £55.80 £46.50
  25. Economy Retractable Belt Barrier
    Economy Retractable Belt Barrier
    £154.81 £129.01
  26. Galvanised steel hoop barrier
    Galvanised steel hoop barrier
    As low as £119.94 £99.95
  27. Gate Barrier
    Free Delivery
    Gate Barrier
    £1,651.88 £1,376.57
  28. Red and white barrier
    COMPACT Boom Barrier with Gas damper
    £1,435.80 £1,196.50
  29. COMPACT Barrier Gates
    Free Delivery
    COMPACT Barrier Gates
    £1,651.39 £1,376.16
  30. COMPACT Access Height Restrictor - Pivot
    Free Delivery
    COMPACT Access Height Restrictor - Pivot
    £1,776.70 £1,480.58
  31. Counterweight Boom Barrier
    Counterweight Boom Barrier
    £1,858.20 £1,548.50
  32. Access Height Restrictor - Fixed
    Access Height Restrictor - Fixed
    £1,448.40 £1,207.00
  33. COMPACT Electronic Boom Barrier, Red and White Boom Barrier
    Free Delivery
    COMPACT Electronic Boom Barrier, Red and White Boom Barrier
    £2,006.22 £1,671.85
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36 Items

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Taking additional measures to enhance security in commercial or public settings can make all of the difference, minimising the chance of unauthorised access which can lead to security concerns. As leading street furniture suppliers, we stock a wide range of street bollards, cycle stands, access control barriers, security turnstiles and more to offer effective solutions to suit your industry.

Our Range of Access Control Barriers, Pots & Security Turnstiles

To ensure that you can find the best option for your situation, our range covers all grounds. Whether you need an access control barrier to restrict high vehicles from entering your car park, security turnstiles so only registered employees can enter your workplace or access control posts to form orderly queues at your events, make affordable security options a top priority.

  • Security turnstiles

An effective turnstile system is a necessity on sites where there are safety hazards or high security is needed. Whether you opt for half height options for scenarios where you would rather control entry but offer free exit or need higher security turnstiles in full height for maximum safety, our range of security turnstiles can be adapted to fit a large range of uses.

  • Access control barriers

From crowd barriers at large scale events to work barriers for roadworks, access control barriers ensure that access is restricted. With connectable hook and eye features, their use can be adapted to the scale of the area that needs to be restricted for an ongoing solution. Depending on the environment where access control barriers, additional extras such as barrier weights and walk through barriers with gates can improve processes for a more effective product.

  • Access control posts

Control the flow of visitors with widely adaptable access control posts which can be quickly deployed to suit the need at hand. From steel access control posts for controlling queueing outside busy stores to highly visible belt barriers which can guide drivers at industrial sites or public car parks, the easy transport and quick setup of access control posts make them a popular choice for many.

Bespoke Security Turnstiles, Barriers & More

At Speedy Street Solutions, we go above and beyond to make sure we can find a solution for each of our customers’ needs. Whether you need a unique size or additional features to cater for your surroundings, we are able to offer bespoke products to find an answer that works for you. To discuss your requirements with our knowledgeable team, please get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.

If you have any questions regarding our range of security turnstiles, access control posts or barriers or would like some professional advice on the best product for your circumstances, we are more than happy to help. Do not hesitate to give us a call today so you can get one step closer to an effective security solution for your business.


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