EV Charging Post Protection

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  1. EV Bollard Nal Sockets
    EV Bollard Nal Sockets
    £179.98 £149.98
  2. EV Charging Bay symbols
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    EV Charging Bay symbols
    £75.84 £63.20
  3. EV Charging Point Anti Ram Bollards
    EV Charging Point Anti Ram Bollards
    As low as £105.61 £88.01
  4. EV Charging Point Protection white Bollards
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    EV Charging Point Protection white Bollards
    As low as £188.76 £157.30
  5. Semi Dome Stainless Steel Bollards (304 Grade)
    EV Charging Point Stainless Steel Bollards Semi Dome
    As low as £73.75 £61.46
  6. EV Charging Point Protection Wheel Stop
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    EV Charging Point Protection Wheel Stop
    As low as £33.84 £28.20
  7. Parking Bay Markers
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    Parking Bay Markers
    £78.06 £65.05
  8. collision protection bars
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    Collision Protection Bars
    As low as £52.86 £44.05
  9. EV Charging Point Protection Hoop 
    EV Charging Point Protection Hoop 
    £63.60 £53.00
  10. stainless steel EV charging guard with blue banding
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    EV Charging Point Protection Guard 360
    As low as £114.00 £95.00
  11. EV Charging Point Protection Guard 500 with blue banding
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    EV Charging Point Protection Guard 500
    As low as £133.92 £111.60
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With electric charging stations being installed in locations across the country, keeping these protected is essential. As they can be vulnerable to damage from vehicles or vandalism, having options to protect these valuable assets is required. Here you will find EV charging posts and protective bollards that can be simply installed where charging stations are located. From protective barriers to EV charging protection posts, you can find the ideal solution for your charging area. Browse and buy online here at Speedy Street Solutions and contact us with any queries.

Protective Electric Vehicle Charging Posts

EV charging post protection is an important security measure that is designed to protect EV charging stations from theft, tampering, and other forms of damage. As these charging stations are valuable assets that are essential for the operation of EVs, it is important to protect them in order to ensure their availability and longevity. We have many different types to choose from that offer a range of protection.

There are various types of EV charging post protection ranging from physical barriers and locks to electronic security measures such as alarms and surveillance cameras for more sophisticated setups. By implementing appropriate security measures, EV owners and operators can help to safeguard their charging stations and ensure that they remain available for use.

Here at Speedy Street Solutions, you’ll find basic use Electric Vehicle Charging Posts that can be easily installed with minimum effort and provide a sturdy and strong deterrent. The last thing anyone needs is expensive repair or replacement bills for a damaged charging point. Our EV charging protection posts aim to be the perfect preventive measure at great prices.

Enquire Today About EV Charging Protection Posts

As well as stainless steel bollards with dome and flat top designs, we also have anti-ram bollards as well as powder coated bolt down bollards. You may prefer to install collision protection bars instead which are simple to place around the charging bay too and protective wheel stops that can offer additional protection.

How much you decide to invest in EV charging protection posts will depend on the number of charging stations you have, and how well-protected you want charging bays to be. They will offer peace of mind for charging station owners who can guarantee their assets will stay in working condition and free from the most common mishaps seen at charging bays. If you have any queries, please contact us. You may also be interested in other types of bollards we can provide, as well as impact protection and lamp post protectors too.

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EV Charging Post FAQs

Where does an EV charging post need to be placed?

Ideally in front of the charging station or whichever part is facing the direction of cars being parked. The idea is to avoid the charging station from being accidentally damaged by vehicles driving or reversing into them. Different styles of EV Charging posts will offer different ranges of protection.

Why is EV charging point protection important?

Due to charging points being valuable assets, it’s vital to keep these as protected as possible from damage. They can be vulnerable to theft and damage, so well-placed EV charging protection posts will ensure these remain fully functional and ready to use by electric car owners.

Who is responsible for EV charging point protection?

This will depend on who owns the charging station and where it is located. With public charging stations, this responsibility may be shared between multiple parties. This can include the owner of the charging station, the property owner of where it is located, as well as local law enforcement where necessary. Using EV charging posts can ensure any damage is kept to a minimum if installed correctly.