EV Bollard Nal Sockets

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EV Bollard Nal Sockets
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EV bollard NAL Retention Socket system is a range of ground socket fittings designed to secure all types of bollards enabling their easy removal after impact simply with a key and a spanner.

All Retention Sockets are manufactured in cast steel or ductile iron and galvanised. A stainless steel locking mechanism located in the side chamber secures the street furniture in place. The bollard Retention Socket is manufactured with a flat base and has the ability to be shortened on site. It is suitable for any type of nbollards such as bollards and can also be used on signposts, seating, railing, litter bins, barriers, cycle stands, bus stops and your specific application.


  • Ability to be installed in shallow depth
  • Foundation design service to BS EN40 and BS EN12899 and the requirements of CD354
  • Enables civils works to be completed without street furniture

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EV Bollard Nal Sockets