Wooden Seating Bench

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  1. Backless Bench

    As low as £356.71 £297.26
  2. Curved Timber Bench

    As low as £420.00 £350.00
  3. Box Bench

    The Box Bench is part of our best selling, all-timber Box range, combining a simple natural appearance with the durability of construction to deter against damage or vandalism.


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    Box Bench
    £427.86 £356.55
  4. Ponti Bench

    £540.00 £450.00
  5. Traditional Bench

    As low as £558.65 £465.54
  6. Cabtree timber and steel bench

    £660.00 £550.00
  7. Octagon Timber Bench

    New Octagon Timber Bench
    As low as £961.58 £801.32
  8. Gallery Seat

    £555.79 £463.16
  9. Traditional Seat

    As low as £586.63 £488.86
  10. Box Seat

    Box Seat
    £588.86 £490.72
  11. Brae Seat

    As low as £660.56 £550.47
  12. Oxley Bench

    £1,440.00 £1,200.00
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The value of wooden seating benches can often be overlooked. An outdoor bench seat can be a great asset for a business, with its simplicity going a long way. Whether you are looking to add outdoor bench seating to provide workers with a seating area during their break, offer seating which can protect trees in schools and colleges or to enhance the appearance of public gardens, choose from an extensive range of wooden seating benches to meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

We create a wide variety of wooden seating to meet all requirements, creating bespoke solutions to ensure that our customers can achieve the outdoor bench seating they hoped for. From contemporary light wood timber with a sleek black steel base to traditional wooden seats with an arched back rest, find the perfect options to match your surroundings.

Providing Wooden Seating Benches

Outdoor bench seating is a simple way to provide benefits to visitors to your business or add a welcome addition to an outdoor public space. Alongside the obvious, the benefits of wooden seats can include:

  • Provide colleagues and friends with an area to spend time, socialising and having a chat.
  • Allows visitors to get outside and enjoy the sun and fresh air during their lunch break.
  • Encourages relaxation surrounded by the serenity of nature, improving productivity and moods.
  • Offers a rest place for those who need to get off of their feet due to mobility issues or relax from a fast paced job.
  • Plenty of designs to choose from to match the aesthetics of the surrounding grounds.

Customisable Options for Wooden Seats

At Speedy Street Solutions, we have years of experience as leading street furniture suppliers and go above and beyond to provide our customers with an extensive choice to allow them to find the ideal solution to meet their requirements. In addition to standard benches, we offer a range of unique bespoke solutions which can suit a whole bunch of properties and needs. For example, a favourite is curved outdoor benches which can be used as they are or manufactured in the perfect size to create a full circle, popular for locations looking to protect trees where people like to sit and enjoy the shade.

We always use the highest quality hardwood to create long lasting wooden seating benches which can withstand the test of time. Once you have chosen the design for your preferred outdoor benches, choose the best options from a range of different features to ensure you are meeting your requirements and more. From the length and fixing options to optional additions such as armrests and backrests, we are on hand to provide you with bespoke wooden seats to suit even the trickiest of requirements.

We also offer discounted rates on bulk orders; please get in touch to discuss if you are looking to purchase a number of outdoor benches. Our team will discuss your requirements and provide you with an adjusted price in accordance.


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