Litter Bins and Recycling Bins

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  1. Heritage Square Litter Bin

    Heritage Square Litter Bin
    £512.64 £427.20
  2. Classic Round Litter Bin

    Classic Litter Bin
    £228.96 £190.80
  3. Heritage Square XL Litter Bin

    Heritage Square XL Litter Bin-1
    £728.64 £607.20
  4. Eco Litter Bin 90L

    £300.95 £250.79
  5. Eco Litter Bin 112L

    £290.39 £241.99
  6. Eco Litter Bin 160L

    £485.99 £404.99
  7. Eco Litter & Recycling Bin

    £527.99 £439.99
  8. Timber Front Litter Bin

    £463.08 £385.90
  9. Post Timber Bin

    £474.00 £395.00
  10. Hoop Timber Bin

    £540.00 £450.00
  11. Timber Bin

    £701.14 £584.28
  12. Stainless Steel Litter Bin

    £582.91 £485.76
  13. Pet Hygiene Bin

    Pet Hygiene Bin
    £115.20 £96.00
  14. Pencil Bins

    Hippo Bins-1
    £222.00 £185.00
  15. Hippo Bins

    Hippo Bins
    £420.00 £350.00
  16. Grit Bin

    Grit Bin
    £158.40 £132.00
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For public facilities across all industries, keeping the premises clean and tidy is the responsibility of the property owners. Providing litter bins around the area is a great way to ensure that all staff members and visitors are safely disposing of their litter to avoid both an untidy appearance and also consider the safety of any local wildlife.

To help you find outdoor rubbish bins that fit into the landscape to provide a practical solution without compromising on the aesthetics, we offer a range of outdoor litter bin designs to help you decide on the best one for you. Whether you are looking for litter bins for university campuses, train stations, workplace grounds or shopping centres, find public bins by leading street furniture suppliers to do your bit in preventing littering. To make a more environmentally conscious decision, opt for eco litter bins which incorporate a section for recycling so you can keep litter and recyclable goods separate.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Rubbish Bins

Our range of outdoor litter bins offers a solution for everyone. From more traditional outdoor rubbish bins to more sleek designs which can blend into more traditional backgrounds without standing out too much, choose the best option for your setting.

Timber litter bins

Timber public bins are a particular popular choice in landscaped environments thanks to their attractive designs. With neutral wooden shades and simple black framework, these outdoor rubbish bins are ideal in locations where aesthetics are of importance such as public parks and playgrounds.

Stainless steel public bins

With a more sleek finish and galvanised finish for added protection against the elements, steel outdoor rubbish bins are effective in harsher environments. With uses including high streets and other public spaces, the locking outer container protects the outdoor litter bin from any risk of damage.

Recycling and litter bins

Commonly spotted in shopping centres, workplaces and bus stops, eco bins are perfect for allowing passers-by to recycle when they are out and about. With a section for regular waste and another for recyclable goods, these litter bins are a great step in the right direction for our planet.

Request a Bespoke Outdoor Litter Bin

Every business has different needs and we are on hand to accommodate those. At Speedy Street Solutions, we work with customers across all industries to provide solutions that suit their personal requirements, even if that requires creating custom made public bins. With the option of different sizes to find the perfect fit, different finishes to suit your environment and different designs so you can match the surroundings, get in touch to discuss your outdoor rubbish bins today.

If you are working towards a tight deadline, we will establish a plan to help you buy and install your outdoor litter bins in a timely manner. We also offer discounted rates on bulk orders so work with our team to find the solution that works for you at a cost-effective price.


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