Heritage Square Litter Bin

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Heritage Square Litter Bin
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Product Specification



Dimensions: H:1118, W:580, D:580mm

Bin Volume: 130 litres

Materials: UV stabilised medium density moulded polyethylene (MDPE)

Steel Liner: Optional (110 litres)

Plastic Liner: Optional (110 litres)

Ground Fixing Kit: Optional

Stubber Plate: Optional

Ashtray: Optional

Empty Ballast Cartridge: Standard

Filled Concrete Ballast: Optional

Lock: Standard

Poster Label or Poster Frame: Optional (choose from one to four 247 x 200 mm)

Decorative Banding: Gold (Please contact us to discuss other options)

Stone Finish: Optional

Sensor: Optional

Aperture Flaps: Optional

Antimicrobial Additive: Optional

The Heritage Square Litter Bin is a firm favourite due to the traditional style and optional personalised signage.

These litter bins are designed to be durable, weather-resistant, and easy to clean and empty. They usually feature a hinged or removable lid to prevent odors from escaping and to keep pests away. Some square litter bins also have side openings or flaps that allow users to deposit trash from multiple angles.

Square litter bins are essential for maintaining cleanliness and promoting proper waste disposal in public areas. They play a crucial role in preventing littering and keeping the environment clean and hygienic for both residents and visitors. Additionally, well-placed litter bins can contribute to the overall aesthetics of the area and encourage responsible waste disposal behavior among the public.

The specific design, size, and features of square litter bins may vary depending on the manufacturer, the location's requirements, and the overall design scheme of the area where they are placed. Local municipalities or park authorities typically manage the installation and maintenance of litter bins in public spaces.

  • 130 litre bin volume
  • 110 litre liner capacity
  • 4-way apertures providing all round access
  • Enhanced double wall structure for ultimate rigidity and durability
  • Slam shut door with four-point latch for extra security
  • Anti-fly poster ribbed surface to deter fly posting
  • Diagonal hinged door for easy access, no lifting required



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Heritage Square Litter Bin