Semi Vertical Bike Rack

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The UK manufactured semi vertical bike rack has been designed for space saving. These Cycle Stands are very popular in areas where space is at a premium such as Train Stations, Shopping Centres, Car Parks, Offices and Apartments. 

  • Semi vertical bike racks can be manufactured for any number of bikes
  • Rack suitable for all 2 wheeled bikes, including child and bmx types
  • Galvanised steel tube, section, bar and plate
  • Frame height 1850mm, Depth 1100mm
  • Min Room height required 2000mm.
  • Room depth required is 1400mm for the rack, plus a path of 1000mm minimum. Total room depth 2400mm.
  • 305mm centres
  • Maximum tyre width -64mm-70mm
  • Optional bolts available, or you can use your own
  • Price is Per Space
  • Including locking loop to increase security by allowing the bike frame to be locked to the rack with a standard d-lock.
How much space in the room do I need for a semi vertical bike rack?

To be comfortable, we advise at least a 1400mm depth and a width of:

  • 2 bikes - 915mm
  • 3 bikes - 1220mm
  • 4 bikes - 1525mm
  • 5 bikes - 1830mm
  • 6 bikes - 2135mm
  • 7 bikes - 2440mm
  • 8 bikes - 2745mm
  • 9 bikes - 3050mm
  • 10 bikes - 3355mm
  • 11 bikes - 3660mm
  • 12 bikes - 3965mm
  • 13 bikes - 4270mm
  • 14 bikes - 4575mm
  • 15 bikes - 4880mm
  • 16 bikes - 5185mm
  • 17 bikes - 5490mm
  • 18 bikes - 5795mm
  • 19 bikes - 6100mm
  • 20 bikes - 6405mm
  • Simply add 305mm for each extra bike.


Ground Fixings: M12- Anchor Bolts Needed (Not Supplied)

For a Full Installation Price: please contact us here 


Due to size (and to provent damage) semi vertical bike rack are delivered on a MINIMUM OF 2 PALLETS.

Estimated lead time: 1-2 working weeks depending on quantity.

PLEASE NOTE: Lead times are an estimate and orders placed today are subject to change depending upon material availability, courier workloads and Staff covid 19 situations. Speedy Street Solutions fully reserve the right to delay delivery due to any direct or indirect impact and without liability to any loss or financial penalty.

Verti45 Semi-Vertical Fitting Instructions


Semi Vertical Bike Rack