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Two Tier Bike Rack - With Gas Strut

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Our Uk manufactuered Gas-assisted two-tier cycle racks, also known as hydraulic two-tier cycle racks, are a type of storage system that utilizes gas or hydraulic mechanisms to assist in lifting and lowering bicycles onto the upper level of the rack. These racks offer the same benefits as standard two-tier cycle racks but with added convenience and ease of use.

The gas-assisted system typically consists of gas struts or hydraulic cylinders that are integrated into the rack's structure. These components use compressed gas or hydraulic fluid to create a lifting force, making it easier for cyclists to raise their bicycles to the upper level. The gas or hydraulic mechanism counterbalances the weight of the bicycle, reducing the effort required to lift it.

Here are some advantages of gas-assisted two-tier cycle racks:

  1. Ease of use: The gas-assisted mechanism significantly reduces the physical effort required to lift bicycles onto the upper level. This makes it more accessible to a wider range of users, including those with limited strength or mobility.

  2. Quick and efficient: The gas-assisted system allows cyclists to park or retrieve their bicycles more quickly, as the lifting process is facilitated by the mechanism. This can be especially beneficial in high-traffic areas or during peak usage times.

  3. User-friendly operation: Gas-assisted racks are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive lifting mechanisms and secure locking points. Cyclists can easily raise their bikes to the upper level and secure them in place without struggling or straining.

  4. Safety features: Gas-assisted racks often come with built-in safety features to prevent accidental drops or injuries. These may include locking mechanisms to hold the rack securely in place during loading and unloading, as well as safety interlocks to prevent the rack from being operated when a bike is not properly secured.

  5. Durability: Gas-assisted two-tier cycle racks are typically constructed with robust materials and components to ensure durability and long-term performance. The gas struts or hydraulic cylinders are designed to withstand frequent use and provide reliable assistance over an extended period.

It's important to note that gas-assisted two-tier cycle racks may require periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance. This may involve inspecting and replacing gas struts or hydraulic components as needed, as well as general upkeep of the rack's structure and locking mechanisms.

Gas-assisted two-tier cycle racks offer an efficient and user-friendly solution for maximizing bicycle parking capacity while providing added convenience for cyclists. These racks are particularly suitable for locations with heavy bicycle usage or where accessibility is a priority.

  • Cycle stands are compact with a centre to centre distance of 375mm
  • Minimum height required is 2400mm x minimum depth 1950mm (plus a recommended minimum entrance space of 1500mm)
  • Easy lift gas strut fitted so lifting the bike up on the rack requires minimal force from the user, as per health and safety standards

To be comfortable, we advise at least a 3500mm depth and a width of:

  • 4 bikes - 850mm length including feet - 1250 recommended room size to allow for handle bars
  • 6 bikes - 1225mm Length including feet 1625 recommended room size to allow for handle bars
  • 8 bikes - 1600mm length including feet 2000 recommended room size to allow for handle bars
  • 10 bikes - 1975mm length including feet 2375 recommended room size to allow for handle bars
  • 12 bikes - 2350mm length including feet 2750 recommended room size to allow for handle bars
  • 14 bikes - 2725mm length including feet 3125 recommended room size to allow for handle bars
  • 16 bikes - 3100mm length including feet 3500 recommended room size to allow for handle bars
  • 18 bikes - 3475mm length including feet 4875 recommended room size to allow for handle bars
  • 20 bikes - 3850 mm length including feet 4250 recommended room size to allow for handle bars
  • Simply add 375mm for each extra 2 bikes.


Ground Fixings: M12- Anchor Bolts Needed (Not Supplied)

For a Full Installation Price: please contact us here 


Due to size (and to provent damage) Two Tier Racks are delivered on a MINIMUM OF 2 PALLETS.



  • Accommodate all types of bicycles
  • Stylish cycle rack
  • Can store up to 20 bikes


  • 1-2 working weeks delivery time
  • Ground fixings to be purchases separately
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Bespoke Products & Bulk Discounts Available On Request
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Two Tier Bike Rack - With Gas Strut