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Recycled Plastic Bollards

Given the positive environmental impacts, the installation of recycled plastic bollards plastic is a brilliant contribution to making greener cities and towns. In the grand scheme of things, upcycling materials such as using recycled plastic bollards means less plastic waste and harm to our oceans. Not only does it limit the amount of plastic waste in the world but using recycled plastic material reduces the raw materials needed during the manufacturing process, also limiting water and air pollution.

Every small step towards a plastic-free world helps, and it’s innovative to find ways to upcycle existing materials that would otherwise cause harm by being discarded. That is why we developed our range of recycled eco-friendly bollards. Quality is not lost with our recycled plastic bollards, the strength is exceptional and superior to its competitors, maintaining its properties over time and even being resistant to chemicals.

Benefits of Plastic Bollards

When it comes to selecting bollards for your outdoor spaces, eco-friendly bollards emerge as an environmentally conscious and practical choice, offering many benefits that set them apart from other bollard types.

  • Eco-Friendly - Recycled plastic bollards contribute significantly to environmental conservation. By utilising 100% recycled plastic, these bollards help reduce the burden on landfills and oceans, promoting a sustainable and circular economy.
  • Exceptional Durability - Plastic bollards have exceptional strength and longevity. Unlike traditional materials that may deteriorate over time, eco-friendly bollards are resistant to weathering, ensuring they maintain their structural integrity even in challenging outdoor conditions.
  • Low Maintenance - Plastic bollards require minimal upkeep, making them a hassle-free choice for both commercial and residential spaces. Their resistance to cracking, rotting, chipping, and splintering eliminates the need for constant repairs or replacements.
  • Cost-Effective - Plastic eco-friendly bollards offer a cost-effective solution over the long term. Their durability ensures they outlast many traditional materials, providing a reliable and sturdy barrier without the need for frequent replacements.

Our Range of Recycled Plastic Bollards

Recycled plastic bollards do not mean you need to compromise on design. We still offer a variety of different designs using recycled plastic, including square bollards, rounded tops, and reflective coloured strips so you can choose the best option to suit your environment.

The recycled plastic square bollard with chamfer top banded option is more suited for light- to medium-duty usage. These recycled eco-friendly bollards are ideal for environments such as car parks, guiding posts in public areas or even as a decorative marker. Our recycled plastic bollards are manufactured from 100% recycled waste agricultural polythene films, great for the environment whilst creating a high-strength product which will not degrade with age.

Another option is the recycled plastic round flat-top bollard. Again, these recycled plastic street bollards are suitable for light- to medium-duty use which makes them suited for streets, car parks and rural areas to name a few common uses. This option is flexible, with different sizes to choose from and the option to add a reflective coloured band for added visibility during the darker hours.

What To Consider When Buying Plastic Bollards

When choosing plastic eco-friendly bollards, several factors come into play to ensure they meet your specific needs. Customisation options, such as reflective taping, allow for enhanced visibility and safety, especially in low-light conditions. Consider the cost-effectiveness of plastic bollards, as they offer a sustainable, long-lasting solution with minimal maintenance requirements. Assess the intended purpose, whether it's for guiding traffic, enhancing aesthetics, or providing security.

Plastic eco-friendly bollards are a favourable option for their durability against weathering and grime. Being crack, rot, chip, and splinter-proof, they remain virtually maintenance-free. Additionally, their resistance to insects, animals, algae, and vandalism, coupled with non-slip properties and UV resistance, makes them a reliable choice for various applications.

By opting for our recycled plastic bollards today, you contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of your project while diverting materials away from landfill sites.

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Plastic Bollard FAQs

Are recycled plastic eco-friendly bollards as durable as traditional materials?

Yes, recycled plastic bollards are exceptionally durable. They boast strength comparable to traditional materials, ensuring a long lifespan and resistance to various environmental factors.

Can I customise the appearance of recycled plastic bollards?

Much like our shelters and cycle stands, our range of recycled plastic bollards comes in various designs, including square, rounded tops, and different reflective coloured strips, allowing for customisation based on your aesthetic preferences and visibility needs.

How do eco-friendly bollards contribute to environmental sustainability?

Plastic bollards, particularly those made from recycled materials, reduce the reliance on new raw materials, limit plastic waste, and decrease the carbon footprint of manufacturing processes.

Are plastic bollards cost-effective in the long run?

Yes, plastic eco-friendly bollards offer long-term cost-effectiveness. Their durability, low maintenance requirements, and resistance to weathering make them a sustainable investment, outlasting traditional materials in many cases.

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