Recycled Plastic Bollards

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  1. Large Plastic Bollard Sleeve Cover

    Large Plastic Bollard Sleeve Cover
    £49.99 £41.66
  2. Recycled Removable Plastic Bollard Lockable

    Recycled Removable Plastic Bollard Lockable
    £162.00 £135.00
  3. Impact Flex TR

    Impact Flex TR
    £160.80 £134.00
  4. Impact Flex TS

    £322.62 £268.85
  5. Impact Flex TB

    £228.00 £190.00
  6. Bollard Covers

    Bollard Covers
    £76.87 £64.06
  7. Recycled Plastic Square Bollard with Chamfer Top Banded

    As low as £67.81 £56.51
  8. EB100 Plastic Bollard

    £90.00 £75.00
  9. Neopolitan 150 Bollard

    Neopolitan 150 Bollard
    £227.99 £189.99
  10. Admiral Bollard

    Admiral Bollard
    £186.94 £155.78
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Using recyclable plastic is a great step in the right direction for reducing the amount of plastic landfill and harm to our oceans. As well as limiting the amount of plastic waste in the world, the creation of recycled plastic material reduces the raw materials needed during the manufacturing process, also limiting water and air pollution.


Every small swap to recycled materials helps, which is why we’ve developed our range of recycled plastic bollards. Quality is not lost with our recycled plastic bollards, the strength is exceptional and superior to its competitors, maintaining its properties over time and even being resistant to chemicals.


Our Range of Recycled Plastic Bollards


Recycled plastic bollards do not need to sacrifice the stylish design. We still offer a variety of different designs, including square bollards, rounded tops and reflective coloured strips so you can choose the best option to suit your environment.


The recycled plastic square bollard with chamfer top banded option is more suited for light to medium duty usage. This form of recycled plastic bollards is ideal for environments such as car parks, guiding posts in public areas or even as a decorative marker. These recycled plastic bollards are manufactured from 100% recycled waste agricultural polythene films, great for the environment whilst creating a high strength product which will not degrade with age.


Another option is the recycled plastic round flat top bollard. Again, these recycled plastic street bollards are suitable for light to medium duty use which makes them suited for streets, car parks and rural areas to name a few common uses. This option is flexible, with different sizes to choose from and the option to add a reflective coloured band for added visibility during the darker hours. If the round flat top is not suited to you, we also offer similar recycled plastic bollards with dome top bollards. Again, these are available in different sizes and with different reflective band colour options.


Making the Switch to Recycled Plastic Bollards


With such an extensive knowledge of street furniture, you can count on Speedy Street Solutions as your street furniture suppliers, to provide the ideal outdoor solutions for both domestic and commercial properties, car parks, cycle stands and more. Our team are always on hand to recommend the best solution for your requirements, and can even create bespoke solutions for more unique scenarios. Feel free to contact our expert team to discuss your needs and any queries that may have arose; we are happy to help and are all experienced in the field.


You can be assured that your recycled plastic bollards will be of the highest quality, we design our products to be long lasting and durable against the elements for a long-term solution you can count on. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process, from the initial call through to the installation of your recyclable plastic bollards, you will be in good hands with the Speedy Street Solutions team!

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