Large Plastic Bollard Sleeve Cover

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Large Plastic Bollard Sleeve Cover
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Turn your old bollards into New & Maintenance free bollards with our Large Plastic Bollard Sleeve Cover.

Reduce the need for painting and future maintenance costs with our Large Bollard Sleeve Cover. Bollard covers are easily installed sliding over steel pipe bollards for quick and permanent installation. These bollard covers are manufactured from recyclable plastic. Standard sizes and colours are in stock and ready to be shipped. Bollard covers are ideal for areas were eliminating the need to paint and enhancing your facility’s appearance is a priority.

Our bollard covers are the perfect complement to improve the look of your safety bollards.

No maintenance, no re-painting, and no rusting. These sleeves are easy to fit and cost effective. Can accommodate 145mm inner steel pole.

Product Specifications:

  • Made from low density polyethylene
  • Dimentions: 986mm high x 160mm diameter x 3mm wall thickness to suit upto 145mm core
  • 3 x 25mm groove with White "diamond grade" banding
  • Standard colour Black


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Installation in 6 easy steps:

Step 1:

Locate timber battens onto barrier. One on the back side of the bollard and the second 90 degree to this.

Step 2:

Locate Hi-grip stainless steel hose clips over the battens at the top and the bottom of the bollard.

Step 3:

Tighten hose clip so the battens are firmly to the bollard.


Slide the bollard cover over the battens and hose clips. Make sure the location recess in the bollard cover, lines up the rear battern.

Step 5:

Fix in place with self-tapping pozi drive screw.

Step 6:

Complete Assembly

Estimated lead time: 3-4 days 

PLEASE NOTE: Lead times are an estimate and orders placed today are subject to change depending upon material availability, courier workloads and Staff covid 19 situations. Speedy Street Solutions fully reserve the right to delay delivery due to any direct or indirect impact and without liability to any loss or financial penalty.

Large Plastic Bollard Sleeve Cover