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  1. Flexible Marker Post With Reflectors

    Flexible verge post that is designed to bend and withstand multiple collisions. High quality reflective top area and an economical design make it perfect for most verge post marking applications. Manufactured from moulded spring back plastic, it will flex right back into shape after being hit or run over.


    £20.39 £16.99
  2. Verge Marker Post

    The durable verge marker is made from polyethylene a hardy material perfect for use on our roads. The hazard marker is an economical solution for use on road to highlight dangerous verges, with its highly reflective red and white reflective bands road users, will not miss them.



    £23.99 £19.99
  3. Verge Post | Reflective Marker Bollard

    These bollards are suitable for installing on verges, parking areas and even pavements. They are most commonly seen on country lanes where hard corners are present. Each bollard features a red and a white main reflector at the top. These are placed so that the red reflector is on the near side of the road (passenger side). The white reflective areas around the main body of the marker further boost visibility.


    £22.14 £18.45
  4. Steel Verge Marker Posts

    Our mild steel, galvanised post is painted black and white with either red or white reflective stickers or one of each colour per post. 

    Product Specifications:

    • Standard diameters: 101mm, 114mm, 140mm, 168mm.
    • Overall length: 1200mm.
    • Fixing options: root-fixed, bolt down/base plate, removable.


    Any questions, please contact us here

    As low as £90.00 £75.00
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A reflective flexible verge road marker post is used to alert motorists of any hazards, often for curvatures in the road or to warn drivers of a steep verge. Verge protection posts are easy to install, affordable and unmissable to road users; alerting motorists with plenty of time to spare.

At Speedy Street Solutions, we are leading street furniture suppliers offering an extensive range of bollards, outdoor shelters, traffic signs and more to ensure the safety of road users and pedestrians. Our range of reflective flexible verge road marker posts are designed to alert motorists of any hazards in the road, so contact us if you would like to speak to one of our expert team for some advice on which grass verge posts to choose. We offer solutions for all situations which are price match guaranteed, and even bespoke options for unique requirements.

Easy to Install Grass Verge Posts

Grass verge protection posts are designed to protect grass verges from vehicles, avoiding damage to both the motorist and the road, which may make it hazardous for others. Commonly used to make strong curves in the road apparent to motorists, a reflective flexible verge marker post reduces the likelihood of an accident due to poor visibility. Grass verge posts are incredibly easy to install. They usually require no equipment, often they can be pushed into the ground easily but sometimes a mallet can make the process easier if the ground is more solid.

Our Range of Verge Protection Posts

Our classic verge marker posts are ideal for use on roads to highlight any dangerous verges. The highly reflective bands on the verge protection posts are double sided, designed with the UK road system in mind. The red reflective surface indicate a sharp bend to the left on their approach and the white reflective surfaces show a bend to the right.

For a more durable option, steel verge market posts are installed into the ground for a more robust solution. Choose from different sizes and fixing options, including a root fixed verge protection post, a bolt down solution or a removable option for temporary fittings.

A flexible marker post with reflectors is a great reflective flexible verge road marker post option, designed to withstand collisions. Manufactured from moulded spring back plastic, these grass verge posts bend back to their original shape right after an impact. To name just a few common uses, this option is suitable for marking hazardous bends in the roads, entrances, verges and for creating a barrier between two carriageways. Made in the UK and compliant to both British and European quality standards, these high quality verge protection posts are a long lasting solution designed to last for years to come.

If you’re looking for a reflective flexible verge road marker post to install on parking areas, pavements or verges, we recommend our reflective marker bollard. This verge market post is made from UV stabilised plastic for a hard wearing product that will outlast other options on the market.

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