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Industrial Shelving and Shop Displays

A retail store metal shelving unit is the ideal way to present your goods and keep them organised for customers to browse. Here at Speedy Street Solutions, you’ll find many industrial shelving options that will look great and provide a practical use. With heavy duty designs and different types of metal shelving units available, you can find a long-lasting option that is made from premium quality materials. Browse the full range below by size and colour and buy online today. If you have any specific requirements, contact us.

Metal Shelving Units for Your Store

Depending on the needs of your shop, having display units that are fit for purpose is important. They need to stand the test of time, be able to hold multiple items and take the weight of these, and provide a sturdy construction that will not easily fall apart. We have a huge range of shelving units available that can suit the style of your store, from supermarkets to grocery stores, newsagents to stationery stores and much more. You can choose from corner heavy duty shelving units that fit on the ends of a display or in the corner of a room, as well as wall metal shelving units of different heights with multiple shelves.

Our gondola bay shelving provides twice as much shelving room on either side compared to our wall shelving units, ideal for central positions such as aisles in your store. There are also shelving end promo bays, ideal for putting at the end of an aisle and promoting products on offer. These come with a base shelf too to ensure they are weighted to the ground when in use. For a specific metal shelving unit, we have acrylic magazine shelving as well, ideal for presenting magazines, newspapers or cards in an upright position that is easier for customers to browse.

With industrial shelving available in many different styles, colours, sizes and uses, you’ll find exactly what you need in our range. As street furniture suppliers, we can provide everything commercial and residential properties and buildings need, both internally and externally.

Buy Heavy Duty Shelving Online

A store wouldn’t be complete without its range of shelving, helping to organise your stock and provide customers with a full view of your products. Depending on the size of your store, you can choose industrial shelving that is metres high such as our 1.8m to 2.4m units. These are ideal for browsing at eye level whilst providing shelving that is in a range of depths, from 300mm to 570mm. If you have a specific requirement for heavy duty shelving and cannot see the exact specification you require, please get in touch today.

Along with our range of metal shelving units, we have solutions for fencing, door barriers, and various types of shelters amongst many other solutions for commercial properties. Browse the full range we have to offer online, and order for speedy delivery.

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Shelving FAQs

What sizes can I choose for a metal shelving unit?

We have all standard sizes for retail store metal shelving, helping you design a shelving layout that suits your store. You can view each product and choose the sizes you need including bay width, shelf depth, bay height and other features depending on the unit. If you cannot find the size you need, please let us know.

Can I secure a metal shelving unit to a wall?

Many of the industrial shelving we have are weighted sufficiently to be free-standing. This is thanks to the base unit keeping your shelving in place. If you have any requirements to secure units to a wall, please contact us.

How quickly can you deliver industrial shelving?

We are always looking to provide speedy delivery, but please note lead times are an estimate. This can be subject to change, and we will provide a delivery estimate at the time of ordering. Your order lead time will depend on the availability of materials and other considerations including courier workloads and the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

Download Brochure

Download Our Brochure

If you prefer a copy of our product guide, you can download our brochure here full of our latest street furniture. From road bollards to shelters, cycle stands to seats and benches, we have a full range of solutions for all types of project. Find all the details you need and easily order online.