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Concrete bollards are an affordable, heavy duty and long-lasting solution for the protection of pedestrians and buildings against traffic. Our concrete road bollards can be used for creating effective perimeters, demarcation between vehicle and pedestrian areas and protection against the threat of ram-raiding and vandalism. These utilitarian design concrete bollards are easy to install and will not detract from the design aesthetic of any setting. Buy concrete road bollards from Speedy Street Solutions online today.


Why You Need Concrete Road Bollards


Concrete road bollards are a crucial element of urban and rural organisation. They can be installed at the side of busy roads to protect pedestrians against curb-mounting vehicles, as well as in front of commercial and residential properties to restrict vehicle access. In urban environments, bollards are an essential aspect of public security that makes these settings more liveable. With such importance to the functionality of these spaces, it is important that concrete bollards are of the highest quality in order to be a suitably long-lasting, durable and cost-effective choice.

With a smooth, tapered exterior and reinforced internal structure, these concrete bollards are a fantastic choice for maximum protection without spoiling the aesthetics of a busy area in the same way as non-natural looking materials such as metal. We manufacture these concrete road bollards ourselves and are able to ensure that they are designed and engineered to the highest standards.

What’s more, these concrete road bollards are easy to install and once they’re in the ground they require no maintenance thanks to the long-lasting nature of concrete. This makes them a highly cost-effective choice without compromising on aesthetics or performance.


Shop Effective Concrete Bollards


Our traditional style concrete bollards have been specifically designed to act as a visual perimeter around traffic-controlled zones, and at 1065mm high will be visible to drivers even while reversing their vehicle. They are therefore ideal for use in settings such as car parks, and are an effective tool for enforcing a one-way system or reducing vehicle speeds for added pedestrian safety.

Concrete bollards are an ideal solution for zoning off areas to be pedestrianised, such as entrances to parks, and are a great alternative to continuous fencing that would restrict access for pedestrians and cyclists. When deciding how many bollards you will need to effectively zone off an area, you must consider pedestrian access, including accessibility for those with reduced mobility, as well as vehicle management. We recommend spacing concrete road bollards between 1m and 1.5m apart, as this will prevent vehicles from passing through while allowing enough space for wheelchair users to access between them.

High Quality Concrete Bollards at Speedy Street Solutions


Here at Speedy Street Solutions, we can assist you with everything you need to choose and install your concrete road bollards without fuss or delay. We are UK based specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of street furniture including bus shelters, EV Charging Post Protection, wooden benchessheffield cycle stands, a wide range of street bollards and much more.

We are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers, listening to your needs and working with our team of in-house experts to deliver the perfect solution to your needs, within your budget, every time. If you have a question about the manufacturing or installation of our concrete road bollards, or any of our other great products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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