Social Distancing & Smoking Shelters

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  1. Wall Mounted Smoking Canopy

    Wall Mounted Smoking Canopy
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  2. Micro Slimline Social Distancing/ Smoking Shelter

    £1,040.40 £867.00
  3. Small Slimline Smoking Shelter

    £1,003.78 £836.48
  4. Medium Slimline Social Distancing/Smoking Shelter

    £1,083.26 £902.72
  5. Large Smoking Shelter/ Social Distancing Shelter

    £1,231.87 £1,026.56
  6. Eco Smoking Shelter 12+ Person

    £1,938.62 £1,615.52
  7. 6 Person Capacity Smoking Shelter

    £1,279.68 £1,066.40
  8. 8 Person Capacity Smoking Shelter

    8 Person Capacity Smoking Shelter
    £1,386.24 £1,155.20
  9. 10 Person Capacity Smoking Shelter

    10 Person Capacity Smoking Shelter
    £1,650.18 £1,375.15
  10. Economy Smoking and Vaping Shelter

    Economy Smoking and Vaping Shelter
    £1,998.36 £1,665.30
  11. Cigarette Bins and Ashtray

    £170.40 £142.00
  12. Smoking Shelter Package Deal

    £1,531.62 £1,276.35
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An outdoor smoking shelter provides an allocated space for smokers which offers protection from the wind and rain all year round. Often implemented on work premises, outside bars and pubs, hotels and other forms of public building, smoking huts make the designated smoking areas very clear to all. The no smoking laws prevent the use of cigarettes inside public areas so a smoking shelter offers smokers a covered outdoor area to use at their convenience.

Normally businesses opt to install smoking huts around the back of their buildings to keep smoking out of the public eyesight and avoid the fumes from reaching non-smokers, the use of a clearly labelled outdoor smoking shelter makes it clear to everyone where smoking is permitted. A smoking shelter creates a clean space which will include cigarette bins or ashtrays to avoid butts and waste being left across the premises.

Our Range of Smoking Huts

We offer a range of classic smoking shelters which offer capacities from 6 to 12 and offer multiple different features. Having been leading street furniture suppliers specialising in shelters and road bollards for many years now, we have tailored our service to make all of our product options flexible, allowing for full customisation to suit individual business needs. Here are some of the options available across our smoking shelters:

  • Dependant on the location of your smoking huts, plastic end panels may be required to offer further shelter from the elements.
  • A sturdy hardwood wood or stainless steel bench can be included to give people a place to sit.
  • Floor mounted or frame mounted cigarette bins to keep the area tidy and offer a safe and easy place to dispose of butts.
  • The option to attach security cameras to the outdoor smoking shelter for safety and security purposes.

All of our smoking shelters are fully weather proof and watertight to protect people from the rain and are hot dip galvanised to offer full protection from corrosion and rust. We take care to ensure all of our smoking huts are highly durable to offer you a long lasting solution that maintains its condition for years to come.

Socials Distancing Pods

In addition to our range of smoking huts, we have also expanded our range to offer social distancing pods. Ideal for supermarkets and other retailers who have an outdooring queuing system, social distancing pods give your customers protection from the wind and rain whilst maintaining social distancing at all times. Each of the 1m x 1m social distancing pods are heavy duty and bolted to the floor but can be positioned according to your preferences and ensure you are following the social distancing measures at your workplace.

Easy Installation of Outdoor Smoking Shelters

All of our smoking shelters are supplied as flat pack products with self-assembly instructions. We like to keep things as straight forward as possible and ensure our outdoor smoking shelters can be easily implemented by just a couple of people. From small smoking huts for smaller businesses to larger smoking shelters for industrial sites and large businesses, we make sure our range offers solutions for all. We maintain cost-effective pricing to offer affordable solutions which do not compromise on quality; you can be sure you’re getting an unbeatable solution from Speedy Street Solutions.

If you would like to speak to one of our expert team to discuss your unique requirements or address any enquires you may have, do not hesitate to contact us today, we will be more than happy to help and offer some friendly advice.

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