Telescopic Bollards

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  1. resin pathway
    Resin Bound Drives & Footpaths
    £0.00 £0.00
  2. Autolok Ground Anchor
    Free Delivery
    Autolok Telescopic Ground Anchor
    £79.19 £65.99
  3. Autolok Heavy Duty Telescopic Post
    Free Delivery
    Autolok Heavy Duty Telescopic Post
    £137.99 £114.99
  4. Autolok Telescopic Anti Ram Post
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    Autolok Telescopic Anti Ram Post
    £191.99 £159.99
  5. Telescopic Security Mole Post
    Telescopic Security Mole Post
    £151.80 £126.50
  6. Powder Coated Telescopic Bollards
    Powder Coated Telescopic Bollards
    As low as £264.00 £220.00
  7. galvanised telescopic bollard
    Galvanised Telescopic Bollards
    As low as £256.80 £214.00
  8. Square Telescopic Security Post
    Square Telescopic Security Post
    £348.00 £290.00
  9. Stainless Steel Telescopic Bollards
    Stainless Steel Telescopic Bollards
    As low as £322.80 £269.00
  10. Lift Assisted Bollard
    Lift Assisted Bollards
    As low as £612.00 £510.00
  11. Polymer Cast Telescopic Security Post
    Polymer Cast Telescopic Security Post
    £594.00 £495.00
  12. Electric mechanical bollards
    Electric mechanical bollards
    £0.00 £0.00
  13. reflective tape options
    Reflective Tape
    £6.30 £5.25
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Designed to restrict access when needed, telescopic bollards are suitable for a wide range of uses to increase the security of a site. Their unique retractable properties mean they can be locked into position when needed but then lowered to ground level when access is permitted, providing users with a flexible solution all round. The versatile nature of telescopic bollards makes them popular choice for both public and private usage, restricting vehicle access as and when needed without the need to install a permanent solution. The most popular types of telescopic bollards include:

Telescopic Security Posts

Telescopic security posts are a common necessity for businesses and public areas, protecting buildings and pedestrians against ram attacks or theft. Although they prevent unauthorised vehicles from passing, the ability to retract the telescopic bollards to permit access when required makes them an easy and convenient addition. The strong and durable characteristics of telescopic security posts are designed to offer advanced security protection, but in events where vehicles need to pass, such as deliveries or public events, the telescopic security posts can be easily unlocked and retracted below the ground.

Telescopic Parking Posts

Another common use is as a telescopic parking post, keeping private parking spaces from being used by unauthorised persons so the rightful owner can use it when needed. In a similar way to telescopic security posts, telescopic parking posts can be installed on parking spots with strong anti-ram properties so vehicles cannot obstruct the space. The owner of the padlock will be able to quickly retract the telescopic parking spots when in use, ideal for residential areas and business car parking.

Installing Your Anti-Ram Telescopic Bollards

Here at Speedy Street Solutions, our years of experience as leading street furniture suppliers has allowed us to develop a wide range of street furniture from sheffiled cycle stands and wooden benches to powder coated bollards and telescopic bollards. As standard, our telescopic parking posts and telescopic security posts are set in concrete, installed underground to provide minimal disruption to the surroundings so appearance isn’t compromised.

Our range offers an option for all requirements, with various designs available so you can pick out the one that works for you. For industrial use where high security is required, heavy duty telescopic bollards with a reflective chevron design will be highly visible and offer effective security protection. For private and residential usage, the more simple designs are preferred to fit into existing landscapes without the need for any intrusive fitting methods.

If you are unsure of the best kind of telescopic bollards for your personal requirements, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our professional team are always happy to offer some advice and recommendations, helping you find the product that works for your surroundings. To tick all of the right boxes, we offer different heights, diameters, materials and finishes so you can design the perfect solution for your needs with ease, with bulk discounts available on larger orders.

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Telescopic Bollards FAQs

How do telescopic bollard differ from other types of bollards?

As functional bollards, telescopic bollards are ideal for vehicle restriction and are fully retractable. They are designed so that they lock into position when they are required, then they simply slide below ground when not needed. Once underground, a steel cap closes flush with the ground surface.

How do you install telescopic bollards correctly?

There are several steps involved in the installation of telescopic bollards. Due to the nature of telescopic bollards, the ground needs to be excavated to a certain depth. In most cases, this needs to be a depth of 800mm. The excavation then needs to be prepared for the installation of the telescopic bollard, ensuring that the top of the lid box on the outer casing sits flush against the road when closed.

What are telescopic bollards most used for?

In fact, telescopic bollards are the most common type of driveway security post. In most cases, they are lowered into the ground manually, but we also stock electrical mechanical types. Telescopic bollards are one of the most popular security bollards when it comes to driveway security as they are easy to use and offer secure protection for your driveway. When buying telescopic bollards, remember to check the wall thickness of the bollard you’re buying. A thicker wall can minimise ugly dents and damage when the bollard is knocked by accident.

What should I do if I’m worried about the heaviness of a bollard?

If you’re worried or put off by the potential lifting weight of a telescopic bollard, there’s no need to worry. You can get lift-assisted bollards that reduce the lifting weight by 60%.

I don’t own a car. Are there telescopic bollards suitable for smaller vehicle security?

Yes, you can buy a telescopic ground anchor. This is suitable for motorcycles, quads, trailers etc. as it provides a heavy-duty anchor point for chains. It is one of our ‘Best Buy’ products in magazine tests.