Electric Mechanical Stainless Steel Bollards

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Electric Mechanical Stainless Steel Bollards

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The Electric bollard is a stainless steel automatic rising bollard. Its stylish looks and design lend itself to any contemporary setting.

These electro mechanical bollards are aesthetically pleasing and provide a great deterrent against vehicle theft. Operated by key fob, from your smartphone or via an intercom, there will be an option that is suitable for your needs.

If you are looking for a great value automatic bollard with the latest electromechanical and security technology, then this is a perfect choice.

All the automatic bollards come complete with a Perseo CBD dedicated control panel which manages up to 4 bollards in parallel and comes with programming menu on the display, an integrated heating element and two key fob transmitters to operate the bollard.

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Electric Mechanical Stainless Steel Bollards