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Trolley Shelters

Supermarket trolley shelters and trolley bays are a must have for all supermarkets and stores to keep their car park and exterior neat and tidy. A trolley shelter provides an aesthetic yet practical solution for storing trolleys and keeping them protected from the elements all year round.

Alongside the obvious benefits to store owners, supermarket trolley shelters also bring benefits to the customers. A shopping trolley shelter or trolley bay is very easy to spot across a car park and makes it quick and easy to locate and return trolley. The shopping trolley bay keeps things nice and tidy, keeping loose trolleys out of the way of moving vehicles and reducing obstructions in the roads and parking bays. In addition to supermarket trolley shelters, trolley bays are a common choice for directly outside of the store entrance to offer a highly durable area to store trolleys which can be grabbed at the last second my customers.


Customisable Shopping Trolley Shelters

As leading providers of street furniture suppliers, we have carefully manufactured top of the range products from powder coated bollards to shopping trolley bays which can be adapted to meet the individual requirements of different businesses. Our shopping trolley shelters are customisable, with different features to choose from to ensure your new trolley bay ticks all the boxes and will suit its surroundings. Here are the following additional options available to you across our range of trolley shelters:

  • A bumper rail to protect both the shopping trolley shelter and the trolleys from any bumps and scrapes when customers return them.
  • Signage of your choice to portray your brand image and detail any instructions or messaging you may wish to include.
  • Choose from different finishes including galvanised which provides long term protection from corrosion, keeping the trolley shelter looking new for years to come.
  • The option of over ground or underground fixings dependant on your location and long term preferences.
  • A hitch rail to secure the trolleys during closing hours and prevent the risk of theft.
  • Installation of a roll back strip designed to prevent the trolleys from rolling out of the shelter and causing damage to vehicles.


Order Your Trolley Bays

We strive to maintain our affordable pricing so you can implement the shopping trolley bays of your choice within a budget that suits you. We also offer a bulk discount on orders containing multiple trolley shelters to lower the price even further. Our cost-effective prices do not mean that we compromise on quality, we offer unique solutions for all your outdoor furniture needs which are highly durable and designed to last for many more years to come.

Our team here at Speedy Street Solutions team have extensive experience in the industry and are always on hand to offer you professional advice and answer any queries you may have. If you would like to discuss your shopping trolley shelters needs today, do not hesitate to contact us today to speak directly to a team member.

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Trolley Shelter FAQs

What kind of trolley shelter design is best for me?

When choosing a trolley shelter, it’s best to consider several things to help with your decision. Do you want a trolley shelter to suit a small budget that boast a simpler design? Would you rather have something that is properly enclosed to provide better protection against weathering? It’s important to consider these factors as the trolley shelter is not the only investment. Trolleys are a big investment too, so ensuring they are protected well with the right shelter will save you more in the long run.

What’s the first step in choosing the right bus shelter?

One of the best places to start with your decision is assessing the space you have available. Start by thinking about where you want your trolley shelter to go. Some retailers only have space directly outside the premises, others may have sporadic locations across a large car park. Thinking about your available space will be a good starting point for choosing the correct type and size of shelter.

What are the main benefits of a trolley shelter?

There are several benefits of shopping trolley shelters. These include:

They keep shopping trolleys dry and sheltered from the rain and other adverse weather conditions.

They keep your car park tidy by having a central place to store your shopping trolleys.

Shelters encourage shoppers to return trolleys to a specified location rather than just leave them by their car – saving your staff time and work.

What are trolley shelters made from?

Most supermarket trolley shelters are made from polycarbonate roof panel construction. Clear polycarbonate has a fantastic UV resistance and a better impact resistance than PET. Our trolley shelter boasts great durability and longevity. Should you wish to speak to one of our team about ordering a trolley shelter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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