Trolley Hoops

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Our stainless steel trolley hoops are manufactured in house cut and polished to a highest quality. Available in 304 an 316 grade stainless steel hoop ends are multi purpose and are available in a number of lengths & heights which can then be put to many uses.

They are extremely durable they are perfect as cycle hoops (the root fixed hoop is especially suited to motorcycles). The hoops may also be used in a variety of other applications including demarcation areas (especially trolley bays) and as doorway or wall protectors.

Order Information:
The hoops are available either surface fixed or root fixed (300mm below ground level) to suit location requirements.
Specify length and root fixed or surface fixed at time of placing order.


  • 48mm overall diameter
  • Wall thickness 2mm
  • Length 1000mm/1500mm/2000mm
  • Maximuml height 1000mm overall
  • Height (above ground) 700mm.
  • Ragged version 300mm below ground
  • Stainless steel Grade 304 & 316
  • Brushed finished
  • Bolts- 6 x 12mm required for each Hooped Barrier (Bolt down)


Barriers should be cast into concrete a minimum 300-400mm deep by 300mm diameter or bolted, where applicable, to an existing good concrete surface or similar.


To ensure your stainless steel product maintains its original shine and stain free appearance regularly clean the unit with a 3M stainless steel cleaner or similar using clean microfibre cloths to wipe and buff the surface.



Any questions or bespoke sizes, please contact us here

Estimated lead time: 1-2 working weeks 

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Trolley Hoops