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Turnstile Gates

Turnstiles are a popular choice for their reliability, allowing you to control entry to your site and enhance security precautions. Being able to be installed both indoors and outdoors, find a turnstile barrier gate that can work for your needs and manage the flow of visitors who are able to access the site.

Most commonly, turnstile gates are used at venues where access is restricted to authorised personnel. Whether this be a warehouse environment which only allows trained employees to enter certain areas for safety reasons or a public event which controls entry by the ticket check station, turnstiles make it easier than ever to manage who can enter. As well as enhancing operations, a turnstile barrier gate is an effective security addition; their durability makes them virtually impossible to pass without knowledge and full height designs are available for high security situations.

When to Use Turnstile Barrier Gates

The implementation of a turnstile gate can provide a whole host of benefits to businesses across many industries, with designs to suit different levels of requirements. Although the need for turnstiles may vary, the overarching benefits of a turnstile gate include:

  • Added efficiency
    Being able to manage the flow of visitors will eradicate the human pressure at the entrance to a site or venue, ensuring only authorised access is permitted. The ability to monitor staff movement or attendance is also particularly useful from a health and safety perspective.
  • Reduced risk
    The addition of a turnstile gate is effective from a security perspective, being tough to pass without authorisation. It also acts as a deterrent for any criminal activity, creating a visual barrier that will make gaining entrance more difficult.
  • Keep costs down
    Once your turnstile gate has been installed, the investment can start to reduce ongoing costs. Manpower can be used elsewhere rather than having to have staff constantly at the entrance to manage access and keep an eye on entries. In addition to this, event venues can benefit as the chance of entry without a ticket is significantly lowered so you do not need to worry about unjust loss.

Our Range of Turnstile Gates

As experienced street furniture suppliers, we have worked with businesses across a wide range of industries to provide them with effective solutions that are designed to last. We have developed our range of turnstile barrier gates to suit a variety of uses all the way from construction sites and warehouses to airports and events. We offer various customisation options with each of our turnstile gates so you can tick all of the boxes from both a design and functionality perspective, finding exactly what you’ve been looking for. If you would like more information about any of the turnstiles within our range or would like any expert recommendations for your business needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We also offer discounted prices on bulk orders so please contact us if you are ordering in large quantities.

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