Replaceable Recycled Plastic Bollards B

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Introducing our innovative Replaceable Recycled Plastic Bollards - an eco-friendly solution crafted from robust recycled plastic materials. These bollards are not only environmentally conscious but also provide excellent functionality and safety features.

Key Features of our Replaceable Recycled Plastic Bollards:

  1. Eco-Friendly Construction: Crafted from 100% recycled MDPE materials, these bollards actively contribute to reducing plastic waste while maintaining exceptional durability.

  2. Simple Replacement: Say goodbye to labor-intensive concrete work. Our bollards are designed for hassle-free replacement, eliminating the need for extensive installation processes.

  3. Collision Resilience: When subjected to impacts of 4+mph, these bollards gracefully fold over, preventing potential harm to vehicles and pedestrians. Their unique design ensures that there's no risk of the bollard flying off and causing damage.

  4. Cost-Effective Maintenance: In case of impacts, only the core and collar need replacement, making maintenance costs minimal. The bollard cover is reusable, further reducing expenses.

  5. Surface Protection: The bollards are engineered to absorb impacts of up to 4mph without causing damage to concrete surfaces. Moreover, these bollards can be straightened after an impact, preventing trip hazards while maintaining their visual barrier function.

  6. Anti-Ram Model: For high-traffic areas frequented by heavy vehicles, we offer an anti-ram model. Its high visibility design offers robust protection against collisions with walls, door frames, and other structures.

  7. Vandal-Proof Security: Our bollards feature a secure locking mechanism, requiring specialized knowledge and tools for removal, deterring potential vandals.

  8. Installation Made Easy: We provide an installation manual upon request, ensuring that the setup process is smooth and hassle-free.

Positioning Recommendations:

For optimal functionality and safety, adhere to these positioning guidelines:

  • Maintain a maximum clearance of 1200mm between bollard centers.
  • Ensure a minimum distance of 1200mm between the bollard and the surface you intend to protect.
  • Strategically position the bollards as a demarcation line, effectively separating pedestrian and vehicular zones.

Whether you opt for our standard version or the heavy-duty anti-ram model, our Replaceable Recycled Plastic Bollards combine sustainability, functionality, and safety, making them a smart choice for any environment. Upgrade your outdoor spaces with these innovative bollards that prioritize both the planet and your protection needs.


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Replaceable Recycled Plastic Bollards B