Silos recycled plastic litter bin - 50 liters

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Product Specification


Technical features

Dimensions: 502 mm L x 344 mm W x 953 mm H.

Structure: steel and PEFC certified oak, 22 mm thick.

Finish: zinc primed and painted in our colours and stained wood, light oak or mahogany finish.

Capacity: takes 50-litre bags (not included).

Opening system: tilting bin, locks with triangle key.

Version with ashtray: drawer-style ashtray, 0.7-litre capacity, locks with triangle key.

Installation: concreted directly into ground or on base plates.

The Silos® litter bin is a stylish and functional waste disposal solution designed to seamlessly integrate into urban environments. It features a modern look that allows it to blend discreetly with its surroundings. The litter bin has a capacity of 50 liters, providing ample space for waste collection.

One of the key advantages of the Silos® litter bin is its ability to coordinate perfectly with Silos® seats and benches, creating a cohesive and visually appealing urban environment. This coordinated design approach enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of public spaces.

The Silos® litter bin is available in two variations: with or without an ashtray. This allows for customization based on specific needs and regulations. The inclusion of an ashtray promotes responsible disposal of cigarette butts, helping to keep public areas clean and reducing fire hazards.

Overall, the Silos® litter bin combines functionality, modern design, and coordination with other urban furniture elements. Its versatile options make it suitable for a wide range of outdoor spaces, including parks, streets, plazas, and other public areas.


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Silos recycled plastic litter bin - 50 liters