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The Lublin seat is described as an elegant and robust bench designed for ultimate seating comfort, especially suitable for parks and public gardens. Here are the technical features outlined:

  1. Seat Length: 2000 mm

    • The overall length of the bench seat is 2000 millimeters.
  2. Structure: Cast Steel

    • The structure of the bench is made of cast steel.
    • The cast steel is zinc-primed and painted.
    • The available finishes for the paint are black or metallic grey, adding an extra touch of elegance.
  3. Seat and Back: Exotic Hardwood Slats

    • The seat and back of the bench are made of exotic hardwood slats.
    • The slats are 40 millimeters deep.
    • Two finish options are mentioned: light oak or mahogany stain finish.
  4. Installation: On Base Plates

    • The bench is installed on base plates for stability.
  5. Additional Feature: Stainless Steel Rods

    • Three stainless steel rods are placed at the rear of the bench to keep it straight. This feature adds structural support and ensures the bench maintains its shape.
  6. Coastal Installation Recommendation

    • If installed within 5 miles of the coast, an additional weather treatment for the steelwork (galvanizing) is strongly recommended. This is likely to protect the steel components from the corrosive effects of coastal environments.

In summary, the Lublin seat is designed for durability, comfort, and elegance. It features a cast steel structure with a choice of finishes, exotic hardwood slats for the seat and back, installation on base plates, and additional stainless steel rods for structural support. The recommendation for weather treatment near the coast indicates a consideration for environmental conditions.

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Labin seat