One-Piece Night Owl

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One-Piece Night Owl
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One-Piece Night Owl:

The innovative technology was developed to enable the fusing of two different materials within the manufacturing process. This technique produced a superior product which gives both the benefit of a flexible base material, which allows the bollard to completely collapse on impact, yet the ability to have a highly durable rigid MDPE polymer sign face. This massively reduces the typical cracking and blistering of graphics found on inferior (entirely flexible material) products widely seen in the marketplace.

Low maintenance, simple one-piece moulded construction.

Reliable bounce back performance, irrespective of the type of impact (side scrape, side swipe or front on) with no mechanical parts to break or come loose.

Withstand impacts up to 100km/h, returns to 97.9% of its vertical position within 55 seconds.

Tough double skin sign carrier which dramatically reduces flexing to a minimum which reduces the chance of the retro reflective graphics from cracking, splitting and eventually falling off unlike competitor products.

Good transitional visibility with 53mm wide side/top reflectors giving an impressive projected surface area of 0.045 M sq. The BS8442:2006 standard only requires 0.02M sq.

Various retro reflective graphics combinations can be offered to suit a variety of solutions.

Adapter plates available to allow the One-Piece Night Owl product to replace other popular bollards that have failed.

The product offers an impressively low folding height of 130mm. When tested with low ground clearance vehicles the graphics together with the recessed graphics area provided reliable protected from aggressive scraping which can be found with alternatives.

The unique ‘dome’ shaped base gives a reliable bounce back performance irrespective of the type of impact or angle (side scrap, side angle, swipe, or front on).

The unique side reflector wraps as proven to be useful for better visibility at junctions for not just lower vehicles but also for waggon drivers with high cabins.

We offer a discount on bulk orders, helping you install high quality bollards at an affordable price.


  • Bollard colour: White/Black
  • Overall height: 1037.4mm
  • Max. Bollard width (top section): 395.2mm
  • Max. Bollard depth (top section): 50mm
  • Base dimensions: 320 x 320mm
  • Fixing centres: 228 x 228mm
  • Sign face diameter: 300mm
  • Front/rear reflector visible area: 0.16m2 (BS 8442 requires 0.15m2 min)
  • Side reflector area: 0.045m2 (BS 8442 requires a minimum of 0.02)
  • Weight: Bollard 5.5kg
  • Lower edge of face conspicuity panel is 138mm above ground level.
  • Lower edge of side conspicuity panel is 174mm above ground level (BS 8442 requires 100mm > 200mm)
  • Materials: UV stabilised, ‘Reflex’ grade, flexible polyethylene & UV stabilised Medium Density Polyethylene

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One-Piece Night Owl